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Surf the Goon

By Special Request...
We've had viewers asking for more of the goon, what it's like, what it does.
Hope this helps! BH2

Riders Waiting Line View From the Side Above Pool

Riders wait in front of wall for wave to start...

Water wells up from underneath the wall...

Wave from behind, pushes forward like a real wave.

Front View of an A-Frame Starting Up

Riders wait until they hear the "whoosh"...

They look behind them, judging placement...

Then paddle like crazy!

Front View of Different Waves.

A-frame just starting to form...

A-frame at it's peak, around 5'...

A single long right starts from the inner wall.

The wave forms every 90 seconds. You get 100 waves per session, 4 sets of 25 of one kind. There are rights, lefts, and A-frames. A-frames can hold 2 riders each choosing their stronger side. Single rights or lefts are longer but hold only 1 rider. Wave height goes from chest to overhead. Ride length can last anywhere from an immediate dump (no do-overs), to 8-10 sec. rides with time enough for 2-3 moves (unless you're a pro), 15+sec. if you make that inside wall and take it all the way around.
Bring your own Equipment, they do not provide it. Short, Fun or Longboard, Bodyboard, Kneeboard, Kayak, or paddle-in Skimming... whatever your specialty, it can be done!
Sessions last for 3 hours in the evening, from 8-11PM (summer hours). The pool has to be reserved well in advance. Cost for the evening is $1,150 weekdays, $1,350 weekends, split between the riders.

Call Doug Dumont, Pool Manager at Typhoon Lagoon
1-407-560-4025 and leave a phone number with your message. He will call you back ASAP with info.

Photos © by D

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