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 I am currently re-designing Slayer, Interrupted I will leave the current site as is but it may go offline in the near future when I begin updating files.

New Feature!

Clouds wallpapers have finally been added to the site - take a look HERE


Everything Buffy
Sarah Michelle Gellar 4 ever Nights Buffy Lair

This page is Australian made and owned (just like us) so all information - particularly spoilers and TV guides will be relevant to Australian viewers, and even more specifically those living in NSW.

These pages are best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0+


I am in no way affiliated with the Seven Network (Australia), 20th Century Fox, UPN, Mutant Enemy Inc or any other company involved in the production of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The character Buffy and all related indica are Copyright © to Fox, UPN and Mutant Enemy. This website is purely for entertainment purposes, no copyright infringement is intended.

No Buffy this Week

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23/9 New Affiliate Added
2/9 Lots of Updates
27/8 Wallpapers added
9/8 Season 5 episodes Summaries finished
29/7 New links page added

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