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Xander Harris


Comic Releif, sidekick, and ever job less

Birth Date:

sometime in 81

Birth Place:


Marital Status:

Dating Anya

Fan Club:

Nicholas Brendon
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 9152


Character Description
Xander Harris was born and raised in Sunnydale, and has been friends with Willow since childhood (they used to sleep over at each otherís houses regularly). Jesse was Xander`s other best friend, until he was turned into a vampire and inadvertently staked by Xander. As with most of the characters, little is known about Xander`s family, except that his mom canít cook, there could be alcoholism in the family (he sleeps outside on Christmas Eve to avoid his familyís drunken fights), and Cordelia has implied that his father is unemployed.

Despite his problems (or perhaps because of them), Xander consistently maintains his sense of humour, making wise-crack after wise-crack. Xander was never an exceptional student, but heís always ready and willing to help Buffy in her endeavours. His track record in the romance department is less than optimal - he was turned down by Buffy, fell for a praying mantis and an Incan mummy girl, had a one night stand with bad-girl Faith (only to be kicked out afterwards and assaulted by her shortly after), and went to the prom with a demon. When he finally settled into something vaguely resembling a relationship with Cordelia, he messed that up by kissing Willow ... and getting caught. Xander did manage to graduate high school, went off on a summer road trip and moved into his basement. he is also dating Anya, ex-demon girl, and seems to genuinely care about her. This pair offered the greatest relief of the season with their antics and general disliking of Riley.

Xander has also been in and out of jobs since leaving high school, he has worked in construction, bartender, ice cream vendor, selling dried fruit goods, and even apparently, a phone sex guy. it seems he is unable to hold down a job, and at the same time, he seemed to feel as though he were drifting apart from the Scooby gang in season 4 due to him not been at college. This was also inflamed by Spikes wordís who spent a few weeks living with Xander in his basement.


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