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Willow Rosenburg


Slayers Best Friend and Novice Witch

Birth Date:

Sometime in 81 no doubt

Birth Place:

Sunnydale most likely

Marital Status:

Dating Tara

Fan Club:

Alyson Hannigan
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522


Character Description

Willow Rosenberg was born to Ira and Sheila Rosenberg; she is the only Jewish member of the Scooby Gang. She doesn’t appear to have the most superb family life; her parents are out of touch with Willow`s life, and her mother once tried to burn her at the stake. Willow has been friends with Xander since childhood (when they were five, they "dated" briefly until Xander stole her Barbie doll), and she quickly became best friends with Buffy when she came to town.

Willow is extremely intelligent, a whiz on computers, and an excellent student who is known for her tutoring abilities. She has helped Buffy and Giles numerous times by hacking into various records and databases, and she even taught Jenny Calendar`s computer class after Jenny was killed by Angelus. Willow has long had "more than friends" feelings toward Xander, and after years of ignoring her, Xander finally seemed to return those feelings - while the two were both dating other people. When Oz and Cordelia found out about their indiscretion, they ended it, and Willow and Oz were able to save their relationship. Willow will probably always have a soft spot for Xander, as demonstrated by her crying jag when she found out that Xander had slept with Faith. Nonetheless, she and Oz were very happy together.

Willow has been dabbling in the occult, and is interested in becoming a "bad ass Wicca". She has successfully performed a few spells, but has been unable to turn Amy (who turned herself into a rat) back into a human. Willow along with Buffy and Co moved onto Sunnydale's College, and after a few problems with roommates, her and Buffy ended up together.

College life has brought quite a lot of changes to Willows once happy lifestyle. For one, She discovered and was forced to face the reality that Oz had cheated on her in werewolf form, with another werewolf. She was left heart broken, and when Oz' left to try and figure things out, things just got worse for her. She spent quite sometime moping about and at one point, Spike attacked her, she was lucky he was chipped though as he couldn't bite her and Spike, maybe lifted her self esteem by telling her he would bite her in a heart beat. At one point cast a spell that caused Buffy and Spike to be engaged, Giles blind and Xander a demon magnet. This also earned her entry into become a vergence demon, but she turned it down and slowly began to get over OZ and entered the healing process.

During this healing process Willow joined a Wicca class and met and befriend a somewhat timid witch named Tara. The pair became very good friends, and shared a lot as both posses great skills as witches. Their bond slowly strengthened and when Oz returned, things became complicated once more in Willows Life. For one, Oz was back and claimed to of been able to control the wolf in him. Willow remained reluctant and confused about what to do, but it wasn't until Oz tried to attack Tara that things came to head. Oz was in full control of his wolf and it was Willow that caused this to happen, so he left again, and Willow realised that she wanted to be with Tara.

Tara and Willow have what many people consider a rather cute relationship, they are a couple, and a cute one at that, of course, all they have to compete with is Riley and Buffy so anyone is better then that. But in truth, Willow and Tara go good together, but it seems that trouble is on the horizon, Tara has a secret and no one knows what it is. This seems to be what the future holds for Willow, trying to deal with her relationship, and her friendship with Buffy is back on the mend after a bumpy ride due once again, to the girly presence of Riley Finn.


Bio By Cloud24