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Witch and Willows girl

Birth Date:

81 sometime

Birth Place:


Marital Status:

Dating Willow

Fan Club:

Amber Benson

C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522

Character Description

The character Tara first appeared as a member of the UC Sunnydale Wicca organization. A group of air headed wannabe witches who are more concerned about candles and so forth then actually performing spells. Willow is a part of this small organization and Tara made her first appearance by trying to support Willow's desire to have the group actually do spells and such. Tara, after befriending Willow somewhat later informs her that her mother was a witch - but was her mother a good witch or bad? Thereís a question for you to ponder over. Perhaps we will find out...perhaps we never will.

When The Gentlemen came to call in the episode Hush, Tara was attacked and Tara ran to find Willow. They clasped hands which combined their powers, allowing them to telekineticallymove the soda machine to blockade the door.They were both pretty impressed by this fete, as would anyone personally. Later, in the episode A New Man, Tara and Willow gave it another shot to use their combined powers by attempting to float a rose and remove its petals one by one. It kind of worked, the floated, then went a little crazy andflung itself around the room until falling to the floor, scorched.


After these such little escapades, Tara began to show further powers, and was also half kept as a secret from the rest of the Scooby Gang, Willow wanted to keep Tara to herself, for she felt it was nice having a friend that she didnít have to share. Weird and understandable at the same time, Tara didnít seem to mind either. She was eventually introduced to the gang, but that was when Buffy and Faith had switched bodies, and Tara proved to be quite an interesting girl, she was able to tell that it wasnít Buffy inside that body, but someone else. Which lead to them switching back Buffy and been giving a proper introduction to the group.

As time moved along, people started to notice something growing between Tara and Willow, and at the same time, Tara was becoming more of a mystery. Like when she threw away a demon locating dust during a spell she was performing with Willow. This brought forth a lot of questions, what is Tara hiding? Is she a demon? Is there a demon inside of her? What, what and what is this girls secret! Guess we have to wait and see huh?


When Oz returned to Sunnydale, we saw Willow and Taraís friendship/relationship come to a head. Willow realised she had feelings for both Tara and Oz, romantic feelings. Tara, seeing the return of Oz, stood aside and withheld her feelings to let Willow and Oz get back together, but Willow was so confused she didnít know what to do, and after spending the night with Oz (talking) went back to Tara and ended up crying over how confused she was and so forth. This led to Tara been covered in Willows scent, and Oz, after approaching Tara about Willow, could smell her all over her and went crazy, screaming about how Willow loved her etc, he morphed into wolf form in the middle of the day, and attacked Tara before been caught by the meddling initiative.

Tara told the others what happened and they rescued Oz, and Tara made the presumption that Willow had chosen him, as they had so much history etc. But Willow told her otherwise and we had the building of one of the cutest couplings in the show. Now the questioning is, what does the future hold for them? What is Taraís secret and will it destroy her relationship with Willow or will it strengthen it? Only time will tell what is in store for our doe-eyed girl.



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