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William The Bloody "Spike"

Birth Date:

Sometime in the 19th century

Birth Place:


Marital Status:


Fan Club:

James Marsters
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522


Character Description
He was once known as "William the Bloody" but his habit of torturing his victims with railroad spikes earned him the name Spike. Little is know about Spike's origin other than the fact that he is from England, presumably from the London area. However, there are at least two theories as to how he became a vampire. Some believe that it was Drusilla who sired him. But the other theory, saying that Angel is Spike's sire, seems to be much more plausible. First and foremost, Spike himself called Angel his "sire" several times. And then, of course, there's the age issue. Giles mentioned that Spike was roughly 200, which makes him about 60 years older than Drusilla, so she can't possibly have sired him. But then, comes up the episode where Spike said he was 126 years old…so, well go figure.

Anyway, Spike seems to have spent quite some time with Angel before Angel regained his soul and disappeared. From then on, Spike and Dru have been a couple. They seem to have travelled all over the continent but the only thing we know for sure is that one day they ended up in Prague. There, Dru was attacked by an angry mob and seriously injured. In order to cure her, Spike took her to "Sunnyhell".

Shortly after their arrival, Spike got rid of the former vampire leader, the Anointed One, and took his place. Eventually he found the key to cure Dru: Their sire Angel, who now was their enemy and fought on the Slayer's side. A ritual conducted by Spike brought Dru back to full strength, but unfortunately the Slayer interfered, which led to Spike ending up in a wheelchair.

Not long after that, Angel lost his soul again and reunited with Spike and Dru. At first, they were delighted, but soon Spike's joy turned to jealousy, for Angel constantly taunted him with suggestions that he and Dru had become involved again. When Angel finally came up with a plan to awaken a demon who would suck all non-demon beings into hell, Spike had enough. He realized that destroying the world wasn't exactly good for the vampire race, and more importantly, he wanted to get Dru back. Finally out of the wheelchair and strong again (something he had hidden from Angel and Dru), he saw no other way than to team up with the Slayer to stop Angel. During the battle, he overpowered Dru and left town with her.

Even though he'd promised never to come back, Spike returned to Sunnydale in the episode "Lovers Walk" – heart-broken, totally plastered and only a shadow of his old self. Dru, who couldn't forgive him the betrayal, had broken up with him. However, after a decent spot of good old violence, Spike left town again, now convinced he'd find a way to win Dru back.

Seems however Spikes belief was wrong and he showed up in Sunnydale once again, this time harvesting a new girl on his arm, Blond Bimbo and ex-cordette, Harmony. It seems more then likely that SPike was only using her, proved by the fact that he staked her, but she was wearing a ring that prevented harm from coming to her so did not die. Spike wanted this ring, and after a fight with Buffy, the ring was sent to Angel, and so naturally, Spike pursued the ring. But in the end, he didn't get it and ended up back in Sunnydale.

Spike was captured, due to complete carelessness and talking to himself, by the pathetic group known as the Initiative. he was imprisoned and a chip planted in his head with made him unable to attack humans, But Spike, proving to be brilliant, broke out of this so-called wonder facility run by the government and army, and skipped about Sunnydale (impersonating Riley by means of skipping that is, for Spike is just to cool to do it voluntarily.), tried to kill Willow, although failed due to the chip in his head, ran away until he eventually turned up on Giles doorstep, asking for help.

Feeling somewhat sorry for the technically neutered Vampire, they took him in, tied him up (kinky) and tried to purge him for his help in locating the whereabouts of the initiative. Along the way, he and Buffy ended up engaged, due to a spell performed by willow, but personally, if think they both enjoyed this time together. Spike helped to Scooby gang somewhat and learnt that he was able to fight demons, so moved out of Giles to do his own thing, although half helping the gang at the same time. It should be noted that Buffy and the gang hid Spike from Riley, more proof that nobody likes Riley.

Spike played both sides during this time as well, meaning, he backstabbed both the Scooby gang and ADAM to his own agenda. He also half befriended Anya, Xanders ex-demon girlfriend, which had brought up the idea in some peoples mind that these two might at some point, hook up. Anything's possible. In the end however, and up to date, Spike is still chipped, but also saved the day by rescuing the Scooby gang, what the future holds for him is unknown. but you can bet it will be good.



Bio by Cloud24