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Principal, and funny little guy

Birth Date:

Probably in the 50s’

Birth Place:

Don’t know

Marital Status:


Fan Club:

Armin Shimerman
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522


Character Description
What can be said about Principal Snyder? Well, there are two things I suppose,

 1: You either love him, or hate him

 2: You either think he’s a wiener, or a legend. Usually, Legend.

Me, I think this guy’s a legend.

Principal Snyder came into the lives of the Scooby Gang, after Sunnydale highs first principal was eaten by a pack of hyenas, human hyenas. And unlike the previous principal, Snyder wasn’t going to take no crap from nobody. He knows that Sunnydale is a weird town, there’s something evil about it, and its not going to get the better of him. He even seems to be in cohorts with the local police, something he uses to his advantage against Buffy Summers.

Every Principal has a nemesis, a student who he wages war against and t he student retaliates. For Snyder, this student was Buffy Summers, unfortunately, Buffy hadn’t done anything particularly wrong, maybe had some slipping grades, tardiness and sure, the record that she burnt down her old school gym. But I’m sure there were students around for him to pick on, but he chose Buffy, and let her know he had it in for her.

Snyder taunted Buffy, he followed her, kept an eye on her and let her know he knew everything she was doing, he was principal. And he kind of believed he had some kind of power over her. He even made her attend things she didn’t want to, such as been a supervisor for Halloween, and preparing the decorations for the Parent teachers night and even got the police to try and arrest her for the murder of Kendra, but she got out of it. He used her to his advantage to get things done, just like any principal does. Snyder though, he did it in a way that made you laugh, such a tiny little man bossing around a girl who could snap his neck in a second. Not that it would bother Snyder, he’s like a little terrier dog, small in size, but big on bravado, or more so, he just believes he’s twice the size he actually is. 

Snyder was never a real part of the action at Sunnydale, he was just a principal, and thorn in the sides of the Scooby Gang. But he did eventually learn that Buffy was the Slayer, due to some candy he ate in the episode, Band Candy. Snyder was reverted back to the tag along nerd he was as a teenager, and decided that he was going to hook up with the cool kids, ie, Buffy and co. of course, during that time he came out with some good liners, such as ‘You drive like a spaz summers!” and in his teenager years, he actually seemed to have some kind of respect for Buffy’s strength, or would you just call that fear? Either way, it became obvious to us the type of youth Snyder had been, and personally, I love him more because if it. When the effects of the candy wore of however, nothing more was said about how he had behaved, although they do remember what happened during that time.

Snyders big step into the limelight though came during season 3s finale, in a heart wrenching moment when the mayor, as a demon, swallowed him whole. Not that Snyder went down lightly, he was telling the demon all along to get out of his school and listen to him because he was principal, now how’s that for bravery? How many little men do you know would stand up to a demon and not even flinch? But don’t think that would keep a small guy down, oh no, he may be dead in form, but not in spirit, making little guest appearances in Xanders dreams, taunting him from beyond the grave. He might be dead, but his voice and opinion of these slackers is still going to be heard!




Bio By Cloud24


Screencaps compliments of The Slayer Show