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Ex-leader of Cordettes, now airhead Vampire

Birth Date:

81 sometime

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Mercedes McNabb
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522

Character Description
 Harmony is what many people would call, an airhead, a poplar girl that you despise, all blond haired blue eyed and pretty. She’s shallow, selfish and judgemental of anyone who she considers unpopular. Yet, despite it all, she’s dead funny, and I mean both of those words, she’s dead, and she’s funny.

Harmony has, although many people may not be aware of it, been around since the very first episode of Buffy. She was Cordelia’s friend, and simply hung around,. Helping Cordy delve out her insults to those less popular then they were. You may recall her in the episode Angel, actually attempting to write a basic computer program while they made fun of Buffy and were mean to Willow. So naturally, they couldn’t write the program, and when they thought they had it done, they deleted it as they didn’t even know how to save. She also appears at the bronze quite often, heading the troop of Cordelia followers and offer less then helpful advice to those unfashionable ones.

Interestingly enough though, for three seasons, this was the extent of Harmony’s role in the show, she was a cordette, she stated her mind and so forth. She let Cordelia know how bad her taste in men was when she dated Xander, but was more then happy to return to been her follower when Cordy came to her senses, but that’s the kind of girl Harmony is, she’s a sheep who needs her Shepard.

Harmony didn’t however, manage to graduate from Sunnydale high. Not because her

grades weren’t good enough, but because, we’ll, she kind of got bitten by a vampire during the Mayors attack. But don’t fret people! She wasn’t killed, on the contrary, some vampire came up with the ever brilliant plan of immortalising her, so her words of wisdom and bimboness could live on forever, and the villagers rejoice! 

Harmony returned in season 4, with a certain dead sexy platinum hunk on her arm, that’s right, she was Spikes new girl. Of course, it was obvious to every one but Harmony that he was just using her, heck, he couldn’t stand listening to her talk, nor did he like the fact that she was trying to decorate their new digs with pictures of unicorns and so forth. Harmony also found a certain gem that would render a vampire  completely unkillable, and put it on because he thought it looked like. A good move to, because her incessant ranting was getting on Spike’s nerve, and he staked her.

 Harmony half came to her sense after that, although, she was actually quite hurt by Spikes treatment of her and wandered around the campus dumbstruck for a little while. Harmony did at one point the\n run into Xander, and engaged in what I consider the most memorable fight of the season, a slow motioned bitch slapping fight, and the quote of ‘I’m soooo gonna bite you.” Became immortalised in my mind. Of course, it’s kind of depressing that Harmony as a vampire couldn’t even land a decent hit against Xander of all people, but I guess that’s what makes it so much fun.

Harmony also came to her senses in the boy department to, refusing to let Spike woo her back, and even threatened to stake him., but after that, we didn’t really see her anymore, except in Willows dream where she was trying to bite Giles. But never fear, the truth is, Harmony has been secretly rounding up  group of vampires of her own, an unstoppable troop of airheads! Look out Sunnydale, Harmony is back! 

Bio By Cloud24