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Ex-Librarian and unofficial Watcher

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Anthony Stewart Head
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Character Description
Rupert Giles- was born in England, into a family of Watchers (those who train and guide Slayers, they donít just watch) - both his father and grandmother were Watchers and so forth. The young Giles, as any young boy with dreams, was disappointed to find out that he was destined to be a Watcher; after all he had wanted to be a fighter pilot or a grocer, anything that he at least had a say in when it came to a choice in careers.

He attended Oxford University, but attempted to reject his destiny and instead rebelled and dabbled in the occult with his friends, this is where Giles obtained the name "Ripper", because he was actually some form of rebel, smoking, jeans and tight white t-shirt, the whole James Dean kind of thing. At one point he and his friends even summoned the demon Eyghon to Earth. Giles eventually straightened out though, got away from that side and accepted his destiny to become a watcher, working as a museum curator in England until the Watcher`s Council assigned him to Buffy in Sunnydale.

Giles, while also working as the Sunnydale High Librarian, developed a close father-daughter-like relationship with Buffy, despite the fact that she is an untraditional, somewhat incorrigible Slayer. Giles doesnít seem to have many friends, though he dated computer science teacher Jenny Calendar and actually loved her, Which was said in an episode when he stated that he had seen many friends die, but she (Jenny) was the first he had lived. She was killed by Angelus so you can also imagine the rage within Giles when Angel reappeared on the scene> For not only had he killed Jenny in evil form, but he had tortured Giles aswell, and Giles didnít really care at first that Angel had no memory of t hose times.

After Jenny, the only over half form of relationship he had was a one night stand with Joyce while both were under the influence of poisoned candy, at this point in time he reverted back to his Ripper days and there was also a small glimpse at a relationship of some kind with Olivia, who turned up during season 4 for a short while.


Giles is well-read and intelligent, can play the guitar, fence, and read five languages - and, if necessary, he can hold his own in a fight. Giles has always been straight-laced and stereotypically British, but he has loosened up a bit since he was fired from his post as Watcher (after interfering with the Councilís rite of passage test for Buffy). And since he is no longer a Watcher and his place of employment was blown up at the end of season 3 Giles is trying to find himself again. He still is Buffyís unofficial watcher, but is unemployed and spends his time helping the gang as best he can, even playing house mate with Spike for a short while. What the future holds is unsure, but hopefully he will become Buffys official watcher again and get a job. He also drives a cool car, but Spike kind of crashed it, so who knows what heíll be driving next season.

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