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Buffy Summers


Slayer aka Chosen One

Birth Date:

Sometime in January 81

Birth Place:


Marital Status:


Fan Club:

Sarah Michelle Gellar
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522









Character Description
Buffy Summers was born in January 1981 to Hank and Joyce Summers, making her to around 19 years of age currently. She grew up in California, and as a child, she went through a phase during which she idolized ice-skater Dorothy Hamill, and was close friends with her cousin Celia until she died. This is something that haunted Buffy for sometime, as her cousin died in front of her. Something that we learnt about in Episode.....of Season.....

Buffy started her high school career at Hemery High in Los Angeles, where she was a popular cheerleader and in short, was a bit of an airhead; in 1996 she was elected Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen, all part of her popularity times in which her only cares were fashion, fun, boys and such trivial matters. Her life though was turned upside down in that same year, For Buffy was contacted by a man named Merrick, who told her that she was the Chosen One, the Vampire Slayer.

Though Buffy was sceptical at first, it was true and she realised this after her first encounter with a vampire; Merrick was her Watcher and trained her to fight. But Merrick was killed, and in Buffy`s attempts at slaying vampires, she managed to burn down her high school gym during prom time. Around that same time, after she had burnt down the gym though, Joyce and Hank finalized their divorce, and Buffy moved with Joyce to 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale.

She enrolled at Sunnydale High School in hopes of starting a new life with a clean slate, Although her principle did sticky tape her record back together. Buffy had declared her life to be free of slaying, she was retired. But after a boy appeared with two holes in the neck, Buffy encountered the school Librarian who produced a book for her, and so, Giles, informed her that he was her new Watcher. Though reluctant, Buffy was sucked full force into the life of a Slayer with the coming of the Harvest.

Buffy became friends with Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, and to some extent, Cordelia Chase. Interestingly enough, Cordelia, despite their rivalry and arguments, has complete faith in Buffys ability as a slayer. Later, Buffy also became friends with Willow`s boyfriend Oz and then Willows Girlfriend Tara, plus ex-demon Anya, Xanders Girlfriend, and to some extent, Spike, a vampire, all of whom know that she is the Slayer (as does her mother, finally, although she did try to burn her at the stake as part of MOO, Mothers opposed to the Occult) and often help in her endeavours.

Buffy also developed a relationship with Angel, a vampire cursed with a soul; it's an intense relationship which ended when he lost his soul after experience a moment of true happiness (Ie, sleeping with Buffy). She was traumatised by this experience though, for Angel, returned to the evil Angelus, tormented her, and in the end, when Angel was trying to suck the world into a demon hell, she faced her love in a final show down. Then, at a final moment Willow restored Angels soul, and Buffy killed him, sending him to hell to save all.

Angel returned from demon hell by some mystical power, the love forged in the ring he had given Buffy, and although he was enraged and crazy at first, they eventually got back together. Ultimately, Angel eventually realized that as Buffy got older, their relationship would be doomed, and he left her, for her own good although it would break both their hearts. Angel left Buffy after she graduated from High School, in which she also saved the school yet again, and received the award of class protector at the prom.

After graduating from Sunydale High, Buffy moved on to Sunnydale's college and moved into a room with Willow. Although she did experience a bad roommate at first, who ended up been a demon. it seemed that Buffy was tormented by Angels departure from her life, and had a one night stand with a lad named Parker, then moved onto a moron named Riley. This is were we discovered that Buffy really was traumatised by Angel leaving her and can't see how dumb Riley is.

Returning to Buffys life was also the Vampire Spike, whom she ends up engaged to for one episode due to a spell willow had cast. This was perhaps the best relationship she has had since Angel left, too bad it was spell induced. Buffy did go after Angel, and during that visit, Angel became a mortal and the pair spent one day together, before Angel gave up mortality and happiness for her life, despite saying she would never forget when the day was taken back, Buffy did, although it is possible she will remember, at some point.

Buffys most traumatic event to occur during her stay at college, apart from Riley, would have to of been the return of Faith, whom she had so kindly put into a coma at the end of season 3 while trying to kill her, but it was an acceptable act, since she had done it to try and save Angel. Too bad Faith didn't think the same thing and came to strike out her revenge, but instead she ended up swapping bodies with Buffy, sleeping with Riley, causing some more pain to poor Buffy, before having her body restored and Faith fleeing town. Of course, Buffy pursued her to LA.

During her visit she discovers that Angel is hiding/protecting Faith, which really gets to her, as one would expect. But in the end, Faith turns herself into the police, and Angel tells buffy off, she returns to Sunnydale quite distressed by his words, but Angel follows her, beats the crap out of Riley! Personally, I think Buffy realised what a gimp Riley was here and that her heart will always belong to Angel. Anyways, the season was left with Buffy having strange dreams of what to come, the main thing been the coming of her sister, although…buffy doesn’t have a sister. so when she comes, I’ll put up some more.

Bio By Cloud24