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Ex-Vengeance Demon and all round legend.

Birth Date:

1200 or so years  ago

Birth Place:


Marital Status:


Fan Club:

Emma Caulfield

C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522

Character Description

Ah, Anya, a girl who had quite a lot of disdain for men back when she was first a human girl. And because she hated men so well, she was granted the gift of becoming a vengeance demon, although, she actually summoned the head guy, Willow was actually invited to become one. Anya, or Anyanka as she was demonically called, had the power the grant wishes, wishes of vengeance for girls against men. You know the usual things, boils on penis’s and so forth. If you were ever stood up for a date by a man, anyaka was the demon you wanted to stop by so you could strike out your revenge and who wouldn’t?

Anya made her first real appearance on Buffy during the episode entitled the Wish, where, as a school girl, she befriended Cordelia, who made a wish which Anya was more then happy to grant. The wish was a vengeance wish that was allowed due to Xanders cheating on Cordelia, and the wish was for Buffy Summers to of never come to Sunnydale. This resulted in a hellish Sunnydale that was over run by vampires, even Xander and Willow were vampires, Giles and Oz had a sort of mini gang of fights who tried to defeat the vamps, and Angel was kept as a prisoner by the vampires. 



In this world, it was a pretty lame existence, and every one seemed to end up dead, even Buffy and Cordelia. But luckily, Giles discovered what had happened and rendered Anyas powers useless and the wish was reversed. So back in the Sunnydale we know and love, Anya discovers her jewel is no good and she is no longer a demon, which is a bummer for her. Anya was stuck been a normal high school girl, although she did make an attempt to regain her powers by using Willow, but it didn’t work and she was forced to just accept the fact that she was human again.

Anya slowly came to terms with this fate, and even asked Xander to the prom, although reluctant at first, he accepted, and put up with her stories of all the things she had done to men in the past. She grew quite an attachment to Xander, and even wanted him to come with her during graduation so that he would not end up hurt by the Mayor. She had seen such a transformation once before, and knew that no one would survive.  Xander didn’t go though and they all ended up surviving High School.

Anya and Xander became a couple throughout season 4, although sex seemed to be the extent of their relationship, although it did slowly develop into something more. Anya truly cared for Xander and told him that as long as she loved him, that was all that mattered, quite a evolution for a once vengeance demon. She also became friends with Spike, even trying to give him Xanders lamp as a going away present, the pair have something in common so they found it easy to be friends. Spike and Anya even spent some time together, when Anya was fighting with Xander and wanted to make him jealous, and together plotted how they would kill Xander and Drusilla for hurting them and so forth.

Anya also does not like Riley Finn, not just because he’s a loser, but because he doesn’t like demons, and been an ex-demon and all, well you wouldn’t like Riley either. What else is there to say about Anya currently? Well not  much, expect with out her and Spike, season 4 would have been quite painful, she has proven to be an excellent character and a welcome edition to the Scooby gang, even if she’s more of an outside edition currently. As for Anya’s future, who knows, there are many speculations that she may become a demon again, and there are also ideas that her and Spike may hook up for a while, but no one will know until season 5 begins.


Bio by Cloud24