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James Wesley Masters

Character Name:


Birth Date:

August 20, 1969 or 1972

Birth Place:

Modesto, California, USA

Marital Status:


Fan Club:

James Marsters
C/O Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522


According to the Watcher's Guide (and other sources), J.M. is a genuinely nice, enthusiastic and funny guy with undying affection for the theater - and Star Trek. He wanted to be an actor since his childhood days. But this guy has lots of other talents. He plays guitar, sings, paints and writes. He studied at Julliard and came to Los Angeles in 1997 after spending more than ten years on the regional-theater circuit. He decided "to come down here and try to make enough money to stow away so that I wasn't poor...The irony of it is, I think I'm working on a show with better scriptwriting than many of the original plays that I worked on the theater! I'm very lucky. It doesn't hurt to be known first as 'cool sexy killer guy'."

James gets along with the other cast members really well (e.g. on Halloween he and Alyson Hannigan got made up as vampires and went out. James: "She's hot as a vampire."). So what does James like most about the show? "My favorite moment was in the first episode I did when I put my vampire henchman's head through the glass of the fire extinguisher... My favorite parts are always the violent parts." (Aww, isn't he just great?) He also likes horror and has something very interesting to say about the genre: "I think fantasy and horror have the ability to use metaphor to a much better extent than shows that are more tied to realism. You often find issues that are taboo in any other realm except for horror and science-fiction. It's kind of like the jester in the medieval courts. He could say whatever he wanted, as long as it was a joke." And what does he think of Spike? "He is a sadist and he is never happier than when he is hurting people or killing people, but he is truly, sincerely, deeply in love with Drusilla. Which makes him in some regards beautiful in that way."

As you probably know already, J.M.'s hair is originally brown and he's dying it for the show. When asked if blondes really have more fun, he states: "I'm having a lot more fun when I'm on Buffy. Fun... I just always have fun... so yeah!" Reading interviews with James, one can't help noticing that he's really into his character and the show. And if you ask me, he really seems to be a cool guy.


2001 "Chance" as Simon
1999 "The House on Haunted Hill" as Channel 3 Camera Man

Television Series

2001 "The Enforcers"
2001 "Strange Frquency" as "Mitch Brand" in episode: "Soul Man" (episode # 1.1)
2000 "Andromeda" as "Charlemagne Bolivar" in episode: "Into the Labyrinth" (episode # 2.9)
2000 "Baby Blues" as "Prince William/Guest"(voice)
1999 "Angel" as Spike
1997 - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as Spike
1996 Millennium - As "Eric Swan" in episode # 3.11 "Collateral Damage"
1996 Moloney
1995 Medicine Ball
1990 Northern Exposure - as "Reverend Harding" in episode # 4.14 "Grosse Pointe 48230"
1990 Northern Exposure as "Bellhop" in episode # 3.21 "It Happened In Juneau"












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