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Welcome to Slayer, Interrupted v2.0! I hope everyone enjoys the new layout and the new content. Some of the old content has managed to survive but in a different format. As Cloud and I found that we don't have the time to make detailed summaries or quote lists, the quotes and episode guides have been axed . I have also added a "News" section for articles etc I came accross relating to BtVS.

Not all of the content has been updated so some will appear in its old format or the links have not yet been activated. It should all be up and running soon though. Note - the galleries have been temporarily removed as they were taking up too much space, they will be back soon.

I am still (constantly) looking for links or affiliates. .

This Week on Buffy:

Monday 1st July, 2002

Season 6, Episode 17 - Normal Again
A demon attack leads Buffy to believe her life as the Slayer is a delusion, and that she's actually confined to a mental institution. ---->More on the Spoilers page

I won't post Pay-TV (Foxtel, Austar etc) schedules unless there is a Slayerfest or other special event on.


This is where I say that I don't own anything related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don't know anyone who does. I am not affiliated with anyone from the Seven Network Australia. The graphics, bio's galleries, ep guides etc were all designed or compiled by Angel_Thorn (no thats not my real name) or Cloud unless otherwise stated.

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