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These links are in no particular order so don't yell at me because Spike is down the bottom. I realise there are thousands of great sites out there, if yours or a site you really like is not among the links and you think it should be or if any of the links aren't working please email me and tell me. If you are submitting a link please tell me the name of the site, the url and the content. Please note I will only post links to sites I like. Angel Links are on the Angel site, here.

General Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links

Sunnydale Screen Shots
Screen shots from season 1-5

Sunnydale City Hall
Stuff about BtVS from the Mayor's pov, links fanfic etc, created by the webmaster of the Harry Groener page.

The Somewhat Official Harry Groener Page
A site dedicated to Harry Groener aka the Mayor, Richard Wilkins III

The Buffy Cross and Stake
One of my very favourite sites, always accurate and up-to-date spoilers and episode summaries. Tons of pics and other stuff too.

The Buffy Guide
Lots of Buffy stuff including episode summaries, screencaps, link database, news etc.

Realms of Darkness
Gateway to Spikespotting, In Dreams, BorderLand, Spikeaholics, Leather & Lace

Much Ado about Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Excellent site with quotes, quizez, spoilers and tons more.

Dark Destiny
By the Webmaster of Bite Grafx -links to all her other sites. Beatiful graphic on the site.

UK site with lots of stuff. Worth a look.

Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links
Huge links database with every category you could think of for BtVS

Buffy Search
Another huge links database, great layout.

Drink, Drink From Me
Buffy/Angel 'shipper site, one of the best ones.

So Shall it Be
Another B/A 'shipper site, fanfics etc, nice graphics.

The Slayer Show
Another of the alltime great sites, tons of stuff all good quality.

a d d i c t i v e s t i g m a t a
Beautiful yet dark site dedicated to Spike, Dru and Angelus

Night's Buffy Lair
Pretty basic graphics but lots of content.

Australian Buffy Sites Links

The Slayer Page - The unnoficial Australian Buffy Site
Lots of info on Buffy & Angel, pictures, episode guides, quotes, Buffy dictionary and some interactive stuff as well. An enjoyable with plenty to keep you occupied.

Buffy Downunder
Probably the best Aussie site there is. Has everything you could ask for from a Buffy site. Also includes Angel stuff.

Friends of Science Fiction
Ok its not specifically a Buffy site but its a great site and I just happen to be a member.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wallpapers and Sounds
Basically just what the title implies, sounds, wallpapers and other multimedia.

Slayer's Dream
A lot of SMG stuff, Buffy's tv schedule in Australia, Aussie links (way more than I have).

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy Links

Sarah Michelle Gellar Temple
Stuff about Sarah, Buffy and the movies she's been in, galleries etc.

SMG World
Bio, filmography, graphics, articles etc all about SMG.

Alwiz Sarah Michelle Gellar Picture Gallery
400+ pics of SMG plus wallpapers and postcards

Buffy 4 Life
Average SMG page good layout & graphics but nothing spectacular about the content.

Alyson Hannigan/Willow Links

Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society
Pics, bio, Willow suff.

Alyson Hannigan Online
Claims to be the #1 source for Aly, could well be. Has a great layout and tons of stuff, updated regularly.

The Ultimate Willow Fanpage
Again lots of bios,picture and stuff like that, also has interactive stuff like trivia and games.

Amber Benson/Tara Links

The Amber Benson Centre
Lots of stff on Amber, bio, pics, articles etc. Tara info too.

Stain and Varnish
Another site with loads of stuff about Amber.

Amber Benson || The Essence of Amber
Site approved by Amber herself. Basically more bio stuff, pics etc.

Roses and Synchronicity
Willow and Tara 'shipper site. Only one of its kind (that I know of)

Anthony Stewart Head/Giles Links

GylzGirls Anothny Stewart Head Shrine
Lots of stuff about ASH, piccies, fanfiction etc.

Grown up time at the Espresso Pump
Tons of stuff on Giles/ASH, includes fanfiction and links to other ASH sites.

Rupert Giles Keepers and Guardians
Claim something of Giles'!

Michelle Tractenberg/Dawn Links

Sunrise at Dawn
Closed at the moment, I can't remember what was in there. Splash page is nice though.

Michelle Network
Lots of info and pictures of Michelle/Dawn.

Nicholas Brendon/Xander Links - the Official Site
As the title states this is Nicholas Brendon's Official website, lots of Nick stuff including bio, filmography and media.

Key Guy
Tons onf Xander/Nick stuff including info on Nick's fiance writer and actress Tressa DiFiglia.

Emma Caulfield/Anya Links
UK site with everything you want to know about Emma and Anya

All About Anya
Another UK site, this one is mainly focused on Anya.

Anya Avengers
Pretty good site, lots on Emma and includes Anya quotes.

James Marsters/Spike Links
Biggest and best James site around.

The Dead Poets Society
Lots of stuff about Spike/Willam and James including Spike timeline, quotes etc.

Spike's Slaves
Everything Spike, fanfiction, art etc etc.

Fan Fiction & Creative Links

Shippers United Forum
A Forum for all types of B/A relationships!

My Hellmouth: Fanfiction for the Soul
Pretty good fanfic site, includes m/m f/f slash.

Angel/Buffy Prey Fan Art
Wallpapers, graphics etc.

La's Web
Multimedia site, includes video, music etc

The Slayer's Fanfic Archive
The biggest and best(in terms of organisation) fanfiction archive for Buffy and Angel

Bite Grafx - FREE Buffy & Angel grafx
Free Buffy & Angel graphics plus you can request custom graphics.

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