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  1. *Ravers can perfectly understand and have amazing conversations w ith anyone under the age of ten.
  2. *Ravers know where all t he best toy st ores are.
  3. *Ravers get the most mileage out of their shoes. The toes and heels always curl up because they're so worn down.
  4. *Ravers all LOVE ATB
  5. *Ravers are the only people wh o dont have their age calculated in months, yet they still rock and use pacifiers.
  6. *Ravers always consider every new place th ey go as a possible location for a party.
  7. *Ravers hug EVERYONE
  8. *Ravers can DANCE
  9. *Ravers can be found dancing ev erywhere EXCEPT the main dance floor!!!
  10. *Ravers understand th e art of bathroom conversation.
  11. *Ravers choose their clo thes by texture, color, and size.
  12. *Ravers love homemade clothes because they've seen the price tag on a pair of KiK Wear pants.
  13. *Ravers always ord er wate r when they go out to clubs.
  14. *Ravers always know the most likely spot to find other ravers within a one-hundred foot radius.
  15. *Ravers dont bother plan ning to meet their friends ahead of time, their friends are always already there.
  16. *Ravers give the best hugs and massages.
  17. *Ravers have a one tr ack mind and it goes - "thump thump tweet thump tweet"
  18. *Ravers constantly poi nt out the trippy visuals in everyday life.
  19. *Ravers helped Adi das th ru the "lean" years.
  20. *Ravers never know the name of their favorite tracks.
  21. *Ravers know how to SMILE! =)
  22. *Ravers always choose "E" on m ultiple choice questions- hEEhEE
  23. *Ravers are really good at play ing "Guess what he's on"
  24. *Ravers always say "Hi" to those peoples they dont know, yet always see at raves.
  25. *Ravers Love the movie Fear an d Loathing in Las Vegas
  26. *Ravers define the sty le of mu sic they listen to as "good"!!
  27. *Ravers know what to do with a dead glowstick!!