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Visit to the Village of Quisdorf

While I was growing up I once heard that there was a town named Quistorf in Germany. I searched for this town on various maps throughout the years, but had no luck finding it. I fiqured that if it did exist at one time it now no longer existed or else there was a town that had a name similar to Quistorf.

While stationed in southern Germany from 1990 to 1993 my wife Renee and I planned a trip to Russia. Our trip took us to northern Germany where we were to load our 1970 VW bus on a ferry to Helsinki, Finland. From there we planned to drive into Russia and visit St.Petersburg.

On the way to the port I noticed that we were going to be near Eutin, Germany the place were my great-grandfather August Quistorf was born. I decided to make a stop and see the town. Here is what I found!

Quisdorfer Strasse

Just at the edge of the town of Eutin, there was a large map kiosk, sort of a visitor's information area. I studied the map and found to my surprise, that there was a street in Eutin named "Quisdorfer Strasse". The map showed that this street led outside of Eutin to a small village named "Quisdorf"!! By accident I had stumbled upon the village I was searching for!

I found it!!

I found the long lost village of Quisdorf! This sign shows that we just left the town of Eutin (leaving a town is indicated by the red slash), and that the village of Quisdorf is just 1 kilometer ahead. The old VW bus is in the background. By the way, I had bets with my friends back at Schwaebisch Hall that the VW would make it to Russia and back. did!

Quisdorf Villagers

After driving through the village, I stopped at a nearby home and asked if any Quistorf's lived in the area. The people were very helpful. They said that an elderly lady lived in the village some years ago but had passed away. There were no more Quistorfs living there. They looked in the phone book and found some Quistorf's living in another nearby town. They wrote down their address and phone number for me.

One last photo!

Upon leaving the village of our family namesake, I had to stop for one last photo. We did not have much time to explore the area since we had a ferry to catch. But I was happy to have found the village. This is the sign just outside of the village. The small lettering says "Kries Ostholstein" (Administrative District of EastHolstein).

von Quistorp family

Albrecht von Quistorp sent me this photo of himself and his son Achim in the village of Quisdorf on January 1, 2002