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We got a new counter!
December 11, 1999-PLZ sign my guestbook here or at the bottom of this page.
I have just posted a new award for all of you to try and get. Go HERE to see the requirements. If you meet these requirements, email me at
December 12, 1999-Charizard178 becme the 7th person to beat Mewtwo! No one has got my new award yet except my little bro Ben Im gonna give it to him soon. To see his site go here
December 14, 1999-If you would like to be my affiliate, email me at People have been telling me to update my online gym. There's not much point. I will update it once I reach 1,000 hits on my counter and have am at least #399 on the top pokemon village sites. Until then battle Mewtwo or someting. If you have a good idea for my site, email it to me PLZ
December 15, 1999-Another person beat Mewtwo today. That's eight now. If you would like to be my affiliate, email me at I found a new way for you to send me email. Just fill out this form and click submit.


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December 16, 1999- Someone else beat Mewtwo. Her site is here:

Only masters can beat Mewtwo!
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