Physics is phun

Welcome to my theoritical physics web page. I will discuss my ideas (not to be confused with real theories) and thoughts on various concepts.

Light and gravty:

First of all, lets talk about the speed of light. Light is a wave that in some respects acts like a particle. Waves are periodic disturbances in an elastic medium. Neglecting factors like friction, a wave's speed is determined by the elasticity (which refers to the medium's ability to restore its self) of the medium it is traveling in. Space/time is the medium that light travels through. So, the speed of light is determined by the elastcity of space/time. On a pratical basis what does this mean? Not very much. But it does alow for some phun thinking. Matter is also a disturbance of space/time. If the elasticity of space/time were to increase the speed of light would also increase. Matter also would not have as much of an effect on the warping of space/time. So, a gallon of water would weigh less than it does now.

Quantized Time?

A question was asked on the Scientific American magazine web site ( which was close to this, "Is there a minimum value of time?". Although it is not possible to determine the answer to this question for absolute, we can and will speculate.

An article, published in a 1998 issue of "Science Weekly", dealt with a group of scientist who had a theory in which there was a quantized unit of measurement. This theory didn't seem to earn much respect from the scientific community. Nevertheless, lets explore one of the impications that would result from such a theory. In this theory no value less than 10^-35 meters would have any meaning. Given that light travels at a speed of 300 million meters per second, light would spend 3.3 * 10^-44 seconds crossing this minimum value of distance. Thus, time would not have any meaning for less than 3.3 * 10^-44 seconds.

Entropy at the begining of time.
Entropy describes the amount of disorder in a system. A system will tend to increase in entropy. For example two boxes are seperated by a wall, one box with normal air molecules the other a vacuum. This is considered a state of high order. The wall is then removed so that there is just one box. The molecules will eventually inhabit both sides of the box evenly. This is a state of increased disorder, entropy has increased.

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