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Dennis Aley Photography

My favorite books and magazines on Photography


If you are as passionate about your photography as I am you no doubt read about photography as often as you can. I would like to share my thoughts on what I think is the best reading material on the subject of photography. I think at one time or another I have read just about every magazine on photography. I have settled on two magazines. Since outdoor photography is probably my favorite past time it would only seem natural my favorite magazine is Outdoor Photographer.This magazine is written by the world's leading landscape, wildlife, and travel photographers. Every issue features advice and tips on outdoor photography. For all around photography my choice is Popular Photography. This magazine will keep you up to date on the latest in photography equipment and accessories. Also many fine articles on travel and nature photography. To subscribe to these magazines at a savings over the news stand prices click here.Quick and easy way to order Photography Outdoors or Popular Photography Magazines



Photography Books

There are many fine photography books More than I could read in a lifetime. I have spent many hours between the covers of photography books, and I honestly believe that I have learned more about photography in reading than from any Photo class I have taken. Photography is one subject than can be self taught, many of our finest photographers have been self taught and the truly great ones are willing to share with you their hard learned expediencies.

Some of the best books, in my opinion, on photography:

Learning to See Creatively by Byron F. Peterson

Photography and the Art of seeing by Freeman Patterson

The Art of Photographing Nature by At Wolfe, Martha Hill

The Nature Photographer's Complete Guide to Professional Techniques by John Shaw

John Shaw's Landscape Photography by John Shaw

John Shaw's Closeups in Nature by John Shaw

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