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Alumni Member OLASENI SOETAN comments:,

It is awesome to discover this website, I was very happy when I found it. Sincerely, it is very encouraging and I pray that God gives you guys more breakthrough in all your endeavours to this great college and alumni. However, when I visited the News- section, I discovered that the section is completely outdated. I would however, suggest that you guys should always get in touch with the PRO of the college or to get updated information about what is presently going on in the school through the registrar office. You guys can also create chat forum for the YTC alumni.
To make things more lively on-line, there might also be another corner or hyperlink where by, we can discuss and debate issues relating to academics progress in the college and in Nigeria as a whole and what we all can do to improve things in our own little way. I believe in the power of the people in making a greater and positive difference when coming together for a purpose.


Actually, getting I touch with the PRO of the college is a grate idea. (Hopefully there is one. I have advertised for someone for the college to pass on information about what goes on but have received no response, probably because this was aimed at the students rather than the officials. I'll certainly give it a try.
The online chat has been in the pipeline since inception, however I have received no interest from alumni so unfortunately, for now at least, that appears to be where it is going to stay. Thank you for the positive criticism though.


Alumni Member YISA AKINBOLAJI comments:,

Good job with your site. It will allow Alumni to connect. Every College and University here has a functional Alumni. Great that your team thought of this.

HOWEVER, your list is not functional until you have Hyperlinks that show contact (phone/email) or even link to website of names in your list. If anyone gets to your site and don't find it functional It may not encourage a come back. JUST AN IDEA!


Thank you for your comments. The aim was to provide members with basic contact information whilst protecting the privacy of individual information. 

To obtain an alumni's email address, browse the directory, click on the letter by the alumni's surname at the top of the page, this will take to the list of alumni who's surnames start with that alphabet. Just by the name of the first alumni is a letter, click on that letter and that should take you to a more detailed directory sorted alphabetically eg. To search for yourself, go to the directory, at the top of the page, click on "A", this will take you further down the page to the list of all alumni who's initials start with "A", click on that initial and that will take you to a more detailed page of members who's surnames start with "A", including country of residence, email address and homepage.



Alumni Member FEMI AKINLABI comments:,

First of all I must commend you for taking the initiative to establish such a venture whereby graduates of YCT can have an avenue to meet or get in touch with one another over the internet. Others might complain about the quality of the site and other shortcomings but I'd rather commend you for taking the initiative. As you said, you are neither a programmer nor a website developer, we have several developers and programmers who graduated from Yaba but never took the initiative to promote the site. I now reside in the US and all community colleges and even high schools and some elementary schools have their presence on the internet talk less of universities. I think the onus to establish a domain name for the school actually is the responsibility of the school management itself.


Thank you, It's nice to know that some one actually reads the comments on this page before criticising the site, thereby making that criticism objective. From all indication, this site is getting a bit to big for me to manage and I know that it could be better presented (databases, scripts etc) but as it stands the site does not generate an income. I continue to maintain the site as the so called "professionals" (I use the term loosely) have not make the effort to start up a professional site. I could go ahead and register the name but it doesn't make sense for the domain name to be in the hands of an individual when there is a well known institution with the same name.  

Prospective Member Ayo

What is the purpose of a college website that is rarely functional? How big is the college to accommodate everyone who needs info. about the college to take a trip from around the world or is this a village school where only people from the hamlets are expected to be interested?

Its a pity that the college claimed to have been in existence since 1948 but could not have a properly functioning website in the 21st century, the cheapest and most powerful tool for any organization to showcase itself particularly as an academic institution of any standing. Its a huge shame !!!!


You're right, for all the size of the school and it's status as the premier institute of "technology" in the country, it still hasn't occurred to those that matter at the college that a fully functional website is a must if the college wants to advertise it's status in the country and or at the very least, advertise its courses. 

It's even more astonishing when you realise that the college offers a Computer Science/Technology course. There's an untapped resource right there!   

So YabaTech board, members, directors or whatever they call themselves, I HOPE YOU'RE LISTENING!

Prospective Member Chris comments:,

Hi, I am a Nigerian based in Canada. I had so much time on my hands today and therefore visited your site. I must confess that the site is beautiful and well designed; however, to my surprise your site did not indicate the courses offered by the school. This, I strongly believed could be improved.


Its amazing what can be achieved with time and money, unfortunately I have neither. Alright... for those of you who are curious, I am actually a 1990 female alumni resident in the UK. Which means that I have no actual contact with the college. When I designed the site it was meant to be, and still is a voluntary venture for former graduates to reunite with friends. If however there is someone in the college who is willing to update me with the goings on there (and believe me I've tried to get a contact) then please send an email to or use the feedback form. It would be useful if the site had contacts from the students union.

Prospective Member JUSTIN comments:,

Could you tell me if the graduates of the high school are included in the Yaba Tech Alumni Association?. The campus was built around 1932 and it was named Yaba Technical Institute. The name was changed to College of technology at about 1962 'am not really sure when after that the high school was removed or abandoned. There are quite a few of us here in the U.S. wanting to know.


Yabatech started as a Technical Institute which succeeded the Yaba Higher College in October, 1947. The then students of the Higher College were moved to Ibadan to become the pioneering students of the University of Ibadan. In effect the College is the premier Higher Institution in the Country. With regards to whether who can become members of the Alumni, graduates of the Yaba Technical Institute are welcome, graduates of the Yaba Higher College BEFORE the move to Ibadan in 1947 are also welcome.

Alumni Member TIMOTHY OLADUNNI comments:,

I really appreciate your effort in getting the yabatech alumni together. Below are some of my suggestions and observations.

Why don't you give the site a direct name like: This will make it easier for people to locate, most especially our folks in Nigeria who do not have unlimited access to the net like those of us in the developed countries. Some of you may be ignorant that they pay over there to access the net. 

Why not in tabular form: name, present address, email, dept, year of graduation etc: This will make less cumbersome. An average person will find it easy to use. 
It is like you assume that everybody has a yahoo account


Thanks for the time you took to send in an email. Thankfully, It appears that you finally got on to the site as you sent in another email.

In response to your queries; The site was conceived one night when I was working late and trying not to fall asleep. I am not a programmer or internet specialist as a result the site has undergone a number of changes and developments over the months. As the site is non-profit making and all expenses are from my pocket, the site is being hosted by angelfire for free and can be accessed from using my personal domain name I would have preferred an address such as that you suggested but that would mean incurring further expense and would mean that the address could only be used for one purpose... and yes, I am well aware that some people still have dial-up access to the internet.

I realise that there are better ways to arrange the alumni directory and I understand that it will probably have to be changed in the future, however as there are currently less than 40 members mainly consisting of surnames with 'A' and 'O' the arrangement is not yet an issue. The directory was actually supposed to making the listing easier for now.

I'm puzzled by the latter statement. What do you mean by the yahoo account? 

The Webmaster
(.. just a title!)

Alumni Member: FIONA AGU comments:

It would be interesting to take note of how far across the globe Yaba Tech Alumni have spread. Why not consider adding a row for City and Country of prime residence on the forms so that you can use the details to take statistics of which country's of the world our members are spread


Great idea. We've taken an informal poll here in the office and decided to include the new row. That means amendments will be made to the registration forms and all registered alumni will have an email sent to them requesting the new details. A graphical picture of where registered alumni are based can be found by clicking on the locations links. Thanks for your email.

Alumni Member: AZEEZ ADEBOWALE comments:

I am an ex of Yaba the great. How do I register my data? Nice thinking anyway. You guys ought to publicize this thing a lot. There are a lot of old friends I'd like to contact. What's wrong with the college's official website. I need to contact them to get some documents. Can u please help me with their add coz I reside in the United States


Thank you for your email. It was nice to hear from you. The registration process is relatively simple. All that is required is that you click on the following link (homepage) and click on the registration link, take note of the disclaimer, then click on the registration link. Fill in the details and "SEND". It's that simple.

The site was undertaken as a forum to enable old colleagues re-establish contact, however it is a personal initiative and appears to be taking some time to get going. I've registered the site on the site and with Yahoo and Excite. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. If you know of any former colleague, get them to register with the site. That's how it'll grow

As for the official website. it's been that way ever since I "discovered" it by accident over 4 years ago. I doubt if it's been updated since then. The homepage has a link to the site which is very erratic although I suspect that you'll have to go to the college if you need any documents.
Good luck anyway. And don't forget ... word of mouth

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We have received several queries asking us to verify the dates of attendance, qualifications received & majors for former students of the Yaba College of Technology. As it has been pointed out several times, the purpose of the site is to enable former alumni get in touch with long lost classmates and provide some information as to what they have been up to in the years since graduation. We do not verify records of former alumni and cannot therefore be expected to provide any sort of reference or verify the authenticity of alumni records. This can only be done by the college. Please DO NOT put our names forward as referees as we cannot and do not provide any such details.

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