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Current News & Events


Get pumped up for our next game at DragonSports new 60 acre field! June 28th will be yet another day of Paintbrawling!!! Check out the upcoming events for more info.

June 16th just finsished with a bang!!! Thanks to Dragonsports for the equipment, and congrats to Gary, and Trace for their amazing victory in the 2on2 tourney. We are now trying to pick a date in July. Until that time don't forget June 30th at Dragonsports new 60 acres field!!!!! If you want to help them clear it (or make yourself some secret trails) head on up to his field June 23rd!!!

Updated the poll, and am about to pop the April 21st pics on (about time?).

The Upcoming Events section has just been updated. June 16th is the next game. Important thing is you must register through Turning Point Community Church which is putting the game on as an outreach.

The Ice Gliders finished their second tourney!!! After playing in that all I can say is Diablo paint rules, and Tippmann's 98's were flaming hot with their firing rates!!! More to come, just let us catch up on sleep.

The April Showers game has just been completed and named a success. Thanks to the Ice Glider's sponsors, and Dragonsports for all the prizes. We will have pics up ASAP.Click here to find out about April Showers game.

Reminder to all Ice Gliders members, tourney money and release forms are due at the April 21st game too. If you have a good excuse please call Dan (check out the contact info section) or Mike cause that is VERY important.

I just took a look at the Dragon Sports website!!! Wow!!! They are coming up with an AMAZING game for the Saturday before July 4th. Jump over there to throw in your 2 cents and possibly get a whole case of paint back!!!!!!

The Ice Gliders have written and sent out their first news letter to everyone! Thanks to Mike, and Dragonsports it has full color pics, and articles.

We have completely re-done (is that written right?) the boundaries, and flag stations over at Mike's woods field and it RULES!!! Also someone has volunteered to wear the bunny costume! Other stars include a clown and The Paintmagnet!!!! We have also set up a chrono/target range area so no one will have to worry about shooting hot. (LOL)

The a Upcoming Events section has been updated for the April 21st game. If you are coming please contact Mike, or Dan.

I have applied to several search engines, and found a little site counter deal. Its toward the bottom right of this page, and shows you a huge list of some awesome sites. If you have any suggestions for a new poll question just post it on the paintball chat. If you know of a team site, or are apart of a team send me your address to href="">netsam cause we are working on a team links page.

April 21st is the next game. It will be at Mike VanGundy's house (Standwood Field) from 10:00 am to dark. You can buy paint, and rentals from either Dragonsports or the Ice Gliders. We will be handing out prizes, and doing contests all are welcome!!!

Check out the picture gallery, and articles sections!!!!! I will still be putting pictures in the articles section, and modifying the picture gallery (you will see why) so don't worry.

Check out the Sponsor's section for the Ice Gliders! They got Smart Parts, maker of the amazing Freak Barrels. Also, there are some new articles being put up in the articles section. Plus check out the Ice Glider's site for news on their first tourney!!!

Check out the Feb 24th pics. Dragon Sports has just opened up their site. We are going to have some new articles coming in, too! If you would like to write something just send it over to Dan and he will get it up ASAP.

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