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ben's fish page

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i have had alot of people saying that they dont like my background colour, so choose one from the list below.

please check out pics of me trampeleene jumping on my tramp bike in the "about me" or "picture gallery" section!!!!

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My Favorite things about fish


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my site is constantly under construction and i spend alot of my time attempting to fix it up so check back in the future!!!!!!!

Hi people you have reached my web site it is just about fish, I have only been into fish for about 8 months but in that time I have learnt a great deal of info on everything In this site you will find info really only about my fish and experiences, but I am sure it will help the amateur in some way. This is my first ever web page so I am learning as I go

i am currentlly selling baby bristle nose catfish for $3 each, if anyone is interested please email me with your email adress and i'll get in touch.

Please email me about my site at And if there is anything I miss out on this page go to your local aquarium shop and im sure they will be happy to help you!!!!!!

get this gear! below are the links to the rest of my site

the rest of my site

go here for info on breeding
my cichlid area
a few simple tank setups
about me
photo gallery
some of my projects
marine fish
about frogs
Visit my Message Board
info on crickets(a good food source)

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