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I looked at you today
and saw the same beautiful eyes
that looked at me with love
when you were a baby.

I looked at you today
and saw the same beautiful mouth
that made me cry when you
first smiled at me
when you were a baby.

It was not long ago
that I held you in my arms
long after you fell asleep
and I just kept rocking you
all night long.

I looked at you today
and saw my beautiful daughter,
no longer a baby,
but a beautiful person
with a full range of emotions
and feelings and ideas and goals.

Every day is exciting
as I continue to watch you grow,
And I want you to always know,
that in good and bad times
I will love you, and that no matter
what you do or how you think
or what you say, you can depend on
my support, guidance,
friendship and love
every minute of every day.
I love being your mother.

~Author unknown~


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