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Sponsorship Rates
p a c k a g e s

Margin offers a variety of packages to meet every budgetary need.

Package Link presence Link type Newsletter presence Sponsorship page presence Incentive Expiration Deadline Rate
EXCLUSIVE EDITION SPONSOR top/center of index page clickable graphic/text complimentary complimentary one free indiv page sponsorship ($50 value) varying 12/31; 4/30; 9/30 $100 ppd
Broadest, most conspicuous and longest lasting exposure. Expirations: index page (several months active); newsletter (life of newsletter), complimentary interior page (life of page); sponsorship page (life of website). Includes your custom graphic and hypertext links.
EXCLUSIVE PAGE SPONSOR upper right of selected page clickable graphic/text n/a complimentary n/a varying 12/31; 4/30; 9/30 $75 ppd
Excellent option for spot promotions. Includes graphic and hypertext links in conspicuous position. Sponsorships on pre-selected, exclusive pages have no expiration.
INDIVIDUAL PAGE SPONSOR upper right of selected page text only n/a complimentary limited to 3, first come/first serve varying 12/31; 4/30; 9/30 $50 ppd
For targeted, special interest sponsors. Limit of 3 sponsors per target page. Sign up early! Expiration: life of page. Includes hypertext link.
NEWSLETTER ONLY bottom of letter following CNT info text only -- n/a 20% discount for 3 ppd consecutive newsletter sponsorships life of newsletter 12/31; 4/30; 9/30 $50 ppd
Reaches targeted opt-in readership with first access to newest edition. Expiration: the life of the newsletter. Contact us for circulation numbers, as they typically increase monthly. Includes hypertext links and space for your promotional text.
SPONSORSHIP PAGE ONLY alpha entry on sponsorship page text only n/a -- n/a life of website 12/31; 4/30; 9/30 $25 ppd
Best value. Expiration: life of website. Join dozens of other sponsors and referrals in a growing call for "more magical realism!"
All sponsors: Query first for availability. Sponsorships must be prepaid by the deadline in order to be processed and placed for their intended editions.

Banners and graphics must be sent in .jpg format. Query first to determine dimensions.

Limit 3 sponsors per nonexclusive page sponsorship. Multiple sponsors on nonexclusive pages appear in sequence on a first come, first serve basis.

Expired pages have transfer option. Contact MARGIN for details.

NOTE: Sponsors assume responsibility for notifying us when URLs change. MARGIN will not repair dead links without written requests from sponsors.

Estimated annual pageviews based on past statistical data for 2003-2006: 57,000.

Discount: 10% across-the-board for small publishers (under 10 titles published annually), BookSense registered independent booksellers, and schools/universities offering literary studies in magical realism who purchase EXCLUSIVE EDITION, EXCLUSIVE PAGE, INDIVIDUAL PAGE or NEWSLETTER ONLY sponsorships.

These rates are good until December 31, 2006.

For more information, contact Tamara Kaye Sellman.
This table last revised August 22, 2006.

w o r k s h e e t

Choose the plan you want:




_____ SPONSORSHIP PAGE ONLY        ($ 25)


rate: $50/triquarter X recurrence
-20% discount for 3 consecutive recurrences
_____newsletter total

_____sponsorship totals

_____-10% discount (if applicable)

Make all checks payable to Tamara Kaye Sellman and write "sponsorship prepayment" in memo line. Send prepayments and other sponsorship correspondence to:

MARGIN, 321 High School Road NE, Ste D3, PMB #204, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.
For questions about sponsorships, email Tamara Kaye Sellman.

Thank you for supporting magical realism and literary explorations on the web!

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