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10 August 2006
MR NEWS WEEK IN REVIEW [8.07.06-8.11.06]: vacation notice, Disappearances, Ishiguro, The Stolen Child, Water & Power
Topic: August 2006

[8.11.06]—Magical Realism News will be taking a vacation from Aug 11 through Aug 20. We'll post again on Aug 21.


[8.11.06 through 8.21.06]—Showings of Disappearances throughout New England include:

Fri, Aug 11: Barrett Hall in South Strafford, VT and Town Hall in Hinesburg, VT
Sat, Aug 12: Tracy Hall in Norwich, VT
Sun, Aug 13: Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, NH and Windsor Recreation Center in Windsor, VT
Mon, Aug 14: Katherine Cornell Theater in Martha's Vineyard, MA
Tues, Aug 15: Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, VT
Wed, Aug 16: Katherine Cornell Theater in Martha's Vineyard, MA and Lyndon Institute Auditorium in Lyndonville, VT
Thurs, Aug 17: Thetford Academy Theater in Thetford, VT
Fri, Aug 18: Town Hall in both Shelburne, VT and Lancaster, NH
Fri-Thurs, Aug 18 – 24: Big Picture Theater in Waitsfield, VT
Sat, Aug 19: Town Hall in Lancaster, NH
Sun, Aug 20: Chester Town Hall in Chester, VT
Mon, Aug 21: Peacham Library in Peacham, VT and Otter Valley School in Brandon, VT

From the website: "Based on the award-winning novel by Howard Frank Mosher. Legendary actor/songwriter Kris Kristofferson … stars as schemer and dreamer Quebec Bill Bonhomme—in a spellbinding tale of high-stakes whiskey-smuggling, a family's mysterious past, and a young boy's rite of passage. … Quebec Bill, desperate to raise money to preserve his endangered cattle herd through a long winter, resorts to whiskey smuggling, a traditional family occupation. He takes his son, Wild Bill, on an unforgettable trip that will long remain etched in the viewer's mind: a journey through vast reaches of the Canadian wilderness and into a haunted and elusive past. What they find is the stuff of genuine legend."

[8.15.06]—Book Discussion of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go at The Elliot Bay Book Company, 101 South Main Street, Seattle, at 6:30 pm. Free admission. More info: [206]624.6600.

[8.21.06]—Reading from The Stolen Child by the author, Keith Donohue, at The Elliot Bay Book Company, 101 South Main Street, Seattle, at 7:30 pm. Free admission. More info: [206]624.6600.


[08.11.06]—Water & Power—Writes Don Shirley for Los Angeles City Beat—"…At least for the moment, Water & Power is not only topically jokey, but its saga of brotherly love is also somewhat moving. It helps that the script is adorned with a little magical realism. A boy (Moises Arias) plays a graceful, antler-wearing symbol of death—when he isn’t playing the young Water and Power in flashbacks or the underage waiter who serves The Fixer. The play’s final note, in which the boy is released from his grimmer duties, offers a moment of hope to this otherwise dark tale." Showing at Mark Taper Forum, Music Center, in downtown L.A. through Sept 17. More info: [213]628.2772 or contact the Center Theatre Group.


YOU MAY NOTICE: We'll be experimenting with the format and frequency of this newsblog over the next few weeks. Let us know if something works well or doesn't work at all. We're here to serve you.

ESPECIALLY FOR WRITERS: Our reading period is closed, and all submissions have been processed. If you have not heard from us and you have a submissions that remains outstanding, chances are good it was lost in the mail. You can always check with us; we have sent you a reply, which could have been lost in the mail.

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GENTLE REMINDER: Margin's staff is on hiatus through mid-October 2006. Any e-mail we receive during this time will receive replies as necessary, but there may be delays due to pool parties, novel revision, rib festivals or stargazing.

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Updated: 10 August 2006 12:10 PM PDT
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