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About the MRCentral Entry Form
Potential apprentices must submit their answers to these questions as part of the application process for the Magic Carpet Ride mentorship.

Applicants' answers to these questions clarify goals, establish what they know or still need to learn about their projects, and generally cement their commitment to the project.

For the mentor, the applicants' answers offer a sense of their known strengths and weaknesses, provide some solid background on the projects at hand, and clarify the shape of the writers' creative process.

Please answer all the questions as completely as possible, even if they don't "fit." The most important thing for the applicant is to keep these aspects of content, process, and productivity at the forefront of his or her creative mind. Even an estimate creates an open door for meeting goals.

Take plenty of time to answer these questions. Feel free to answer them, set them aside, then check back and revise based upon second thoughts. The more information that can be thoughtfully conveyed through these answers, the better the mentor can serve the apprentice.

To submit your Entry Form by surface mail, send typed responses with registration fee check made out to MRCentral by no later than October 31, 2009, to:

    ATTN: Mentorship 2009 Entry
    PMB 204
    321 High School Road NE, Ste D3
    Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 USA


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