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  Magical Realism's
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Mission Statement

• participation in a moderated environment populated by a global community of writers, readers, students and teachers who share in common an appreciation for literary magical realism

• automatic receipt of the quarterly members only email dispatch

• interactive access to Invisible Cities wiki novel

• priority registration and discounts for mentorship programs and online workshops

• discounts on future products, publications and literary services

• access to exclusive content archives available only to members

• new MR writers' markets database and events calendar

• occasional book giveaways


• Send $20 USD using our convenient PayPal service.

By Mail
• Send check or money order for $20 USD, made payable to MR Central, to:

      MR Central
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      Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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   • offer members privacy from spammers

   • defray operating expenses (i.e. purchase of storage space, domain names, postage, office supplies) that would otherwise come out of the moderator's personal funds

   • reduce the likelihood of irresponsible behavior in the forum, wiki, chat and listservs

   • build a small expense account for the occasional traveling MRCentral may be required to do to participate in conferences and at other arenas

   • confirm that MRCentral provides a valuable and necessary function; otherwise, who would pay?

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