AKA: Johnnie
02/25/1999 ~X~ 5/22/09

Johnnie passed away Memorial weekend.
He had a testicle that was enlarged, so I made arrangements to have him nuetered.
All went fine with the pre-op and we brought him home.
His blood sugar dropped and he started seizing.
We took him to the ER vet, which is only a block from our home, but it was to late, his heart gave out from the stress.
He is and will always be "My little man", I love him so.

The day I was born, you exclaimed over me,
“Oh my! How handsome he is!”
When I was three days old you stroked my glossy coat
and I groaned and stretched with pleasure.
It was then I gave you a piece of my heart.

At 12 weeks old I was wild as only a puppy can be and my sharp teeth nipped and you yelped, “OUCH!”
I came to you, peering into your face.
“Are you OK?” I seemed to ask.
“I will be more careful. Here is a piece of my heart.”

When I was 8 months old I learned to lift my leg. I was a very proud.
You were speechless in pleasure,
I could tell, when I peed on the tree.
Thank you for bringing the tree in the house for me.
Here is a piece of my heart.

We flew around the ring and as we came to the end I leaped into the air, coming down perfectly,
and you smiled at me. We were a team.
You told me how handsome I was.
“Thank you. Here, take this piece of my heart.”

When your mother died, I was there, my head in your lap.
You wept and I gave your soft licks.
I am here for you.
Please, take this piece of my heart.

When you come home I meet you at the gate.
I ride up to the house and smile at you for the whole ride.
I put my paw on your arm. I am glad you are home now.
All is right with the world.
I give you my heart.

You sit with me in the evening, snuggled on the couch.
I gaze up at you with love in my eyes.
You stroke my face and tell me how handsome I am and that I am YOUR BOY.
Yes. I am your boy. I will always be your boy.
Here is a piece of my heart.

All that I am, I give to you.
I know your heart is broken now that I have gone.
Please take those pieces of my heart,
That I have given you,
And use them to mend your broken heart.

Rest In Peace Little Man....I will always love you.

I was pleased and excited to see Johnnie have two of his photo's used for our National presentation. He will be immortalized!

Read below what we did with him "in his younger days".
Johnnie was our kennels first homebred Champion.
He finished when he was just 19 months old.
Johnnie had a wonderful temperament and was the kind of Springer Spaniel I wish everyone could have.
He was very smart and willing to try anything we put before him.


Here is Johnnie's first Best of Breed and Group 4 placement.

Group 1 under Judge Dawn Clark, being expertly handled by Julie Hamasaki.

Best of Breed under Judge Christina Hubbell

Can. Ch. Synergenic Mipal Starry Night
Ch.Goldcamps Majic of Aurora

Johnnie/Rory Kids