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K-Chan's Anime Studio (Anime Artwork for SALE!)

Welcome to K-Chan's Anime Studio, where you can purchase beautiful handmade drawings done by me, Kristen Preusser, for only a fraction of what art of its kind usually goes for.

My specialty is anime, and my real talent is mirroring- I can replicate ANY picture you send me in almost any way you wish. I can also personalize pieces for you, which would be great and wonderfully original gifts to give to fellow otakus for birthdays, holidays, graduations-- for any special occasion you can think of!
My art is my life, and as such, I work very hard for many hours on every piece I make. As a dedicated and hard-working anime artist, with many years of practice under my belt, my personal guarantee to you is that you receive in exchange gorgeous, high quality artwork that can be cherished for years and years to come.

You have a number of options to choose from concerning size, color, and framing, as shown below:

Small: 5"x7": $15add $4
add $1.50
add $8
Medium: 8"x11": $17 add $5
add $2
add $10
Large: 8 1/2"x12": $20 add $6
add $3
add $12

Additional information is as follows:

*Personalization is free on all pieces.
*I can add word bubbles--like a manga or comic panel-- for no extra charge. (This is a great feature to add for something like a birthday card!)
*If you'd like to have an anime version of a certain person (or pet, whatever!) included, send a picture of them to me either via e-mail or snail mail with your order submission and I will do the person as much artistic justice as possible. There is an additional $10 charge for this service.
*Shipping and handling is $3.50 per order.
*All size prices ($15, $17, and $20) apply to black and white versions.
*I will NOT accept hentai, yuri, or yaoi requests, as I don't have the moral fiber to tend to such requests as of yet.
*All sales are final.

If you'd like to make a request, please click the link below to submit your order. After I receive your request, I'll e-mail you within 1-5 days to tell you if I'm able to pull it off or not (chances are highly likely that I will!). I will then send you a tallied bill of your order, complete with all applicable charges, and send you an address to send your payment to. I accept checks and money orders; as soon as the payment has cleared, I will begin the final draft of your piece (I'll start the rough after I've confirmed that I'm able to fulfill your request) and mail it to you within 7 days via priority mail.

Remember, original artwork is a gift (whether it's for a friend or for yourself!) that is both a priceless and timeless keepsake. I think you'll find that I ensure my pieces to be of the highest quality possible; if you don't believe me, please visit my online portfolio and see for yourself the dedication I put into my work! I promise to not disappoint you-- satisfaction GUARANTEED!!

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at the address below. To place an order, please click the link below:


NOTE: I'm still in the process of debugging the order form, so if you'd like to place an order, please mail your request to the address below! Thanks! ^-^

Questions? Send me an e-mail!