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Kristen's Drawing Gallery!

Greetings all! And welcome to my personal favorite section of KNAP, the drawings gallery. You'll find the scanned beauties I have so far divided into sections organzied by series. A Various Anime category is at the end, containing drawings that so far I only have one currently scanned of. Also, the very end houses a Originals by Kristen category, which is, naturally, pictures and characters poofed up in my own head (please don't think they suck *too* badly.). All drawings are done in various types of art pencils unless otherwise noted. And please, PLEASE don't swipe my hard work off of this page and post it up somewhere else. If you'd like to use one of my images, please e-mail me and ask for my permission first. Many hours were put into these drawings and I would appreciate credit where it's deserved.

Now that the serious stuff is done with, let's get on to the masterpieces! Enjoy! (And please e-mail with any commentary, "constructive criticism", etc.!)

Latest Addition(s) to the Gallery (posted January 3, 2002):

Rurouni Kenshin Drawings

Here's a lovely picture of Kenshin drawing his sword... it was my first time drawing Kenshin, and was actually a birthday present for my fellow Kenshin-crazed friend, Rachael. ^_^

And here, Kenshin is mad cheesed off during a battle... complete with spiffy state-of-the-art bleeding special effects!

Kenshin, staring off into space, looking a little pissed, very serious... and DAY-AM SEXY!!! Love the perspective on this one!

This is actually a panel that appears in (I believe) volume 20 of the manga, during Kenshin's flashbacks to his days as the Hitokiri Battousai... (this part of the manga traces the first part of the OVA.)

Neon Genesis Evangelion Drawings

My first drawing ever of Shinji, the gimpy but still terribly adorable pilot of Eva Unit-01.

Another picture of my beloved Shinji-chan. Isn't he so cute???

A dramatic, close-up comic panel of sweet Shinji.

The mysterious, pale-skinned and beautiful Rei Ayanami.

My first sketch of Rei ("sketch" is not a loosely-used term here. It's sketchy, all right!)

One of my best drawings yet (and also another first)! The sleek and spunky Asuka of Evangelion .

DragonBall Z Drawings

A pencil sketch of Vegetto done during a very, very, VERY boring world history period in sophomore year.

A colored pencil sketch of one of my favorite pics of the Z warriors.

One of my best DragonBall pictures- Goku on a motorcycle!

A marker drawing of Goku and Super Saiya-jin Goku. (It was too big to fit in my scanner, and the lower left corner was kinda spliced off... gomen! --')

Goku reaching up towards the camera (which is supposed to be a POV of Raditz, who's holding Gohan as his young hostage.)

Various Anime Drawings

A super kawaii pic of chibi Sailormoon with folded arms and crossed legs. ^_^

No, this is NOT hentai-- it's just everybody's favorite voluptious sorceress, Naga from The Slayers.

Tying with Heero Yuy as my favorite Gundam pilot, here's Duo Maxwell of Gundam Wing fame.

I really suck at playing Final Fantasy VII, but I sure do think Tifa's a cutie pie! ^_^

Originals by Kristen

This is one of my experiments of me in anime form. I can't decide if it's suitable or not... but even if it doesn't look much like me, I still like it.

Another experiment... I like the first one better, just because I think that one looks more mature.

Ah, the anime Catholic school girl! (Just like yours truly!) No sailor suit, but she's Americanized. What can I say.

A colored pencil, anime version of my friend Aaron and I in our college years. (Uh huh, I *do* live in a fantasy world, actually.)

Whoah-kay, now this one is a TOTAL fantasy pic, but this is supposed to be me on my wedding day. ^^' A girl can dream, can't she?