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New Page Of Poems and a Story!

beautiful camping area!

My unidentified family photos - mostly;Hobbs, Carlson, Olson, Harmon

Some history of Snohmish and Snohomish County, WA

searching for my ancestor (a comic poem)

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A Poem for my eldest sister, Raeleen Hyde, deceased.

Johnny Carlson
Here I am with Mom and sis, Teri. "Here's lookin' at you, Kid!

I saw this Dalmatian day dreaming as I drove by this old house. I had to get him on film. Unfortunately, I broke his revere when I got out of my car to snap the shot.

The photo below isn't a particularly good shot, but this is me taken in Oct 2000. The one just beneath mine is my brother Paul Carlson and my sister Jan Carlson (Baker Cooley)at a birthday barbque - Paul's house. - aug 2002.

And here are some of us many moons ago (below). I'm the baby - and a BIG baby, too!

Then more recent photos at Teri and Dale's place for Mom's 81st birthday!

The one beneath that is a picture of sis, Jan, at her place in Arizona.

< < there's Mom (Nina Lindsey-Carlson-Martin) and Marie(Lindsey-Perman) after a great performance in the Everett Chorale. Mom is the taller of the two.

Their mother, for those of you interested in the family tree, was Mary Belle Willey a.k.a. Maxine Lindsey DeSelle. Maxine (see below) was the youngest of the 14 Texan Willey children, but she was the matriarch of my line. This photo was taken in the late 1930s or 40s. The one of my grandfather beside her is much earlier and his younger brother Ira M. Lindsey

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Here are a couple of poems I wrote some time ago - back when Love was the theme.

-the gods -

All gods have different gifts,

different strengths.

Heroes and heroines, too,

-if they still exist -

have their sacred things, their masks.

I have mine to offer you.

I will give it,

that simple thing,

- reaching for the godhead within -

a gift from one god to another,

I give my strength and my gifts to you.

What matter whose face

lies behind the masks, the personae?

We disappear

in the manifestation of deity,

become the Epiphany,

become the voice of daemons.

You and I are different

yet no less potent

in our distinct powers,

our disparate strengths.

We are different, perhaps at odds,

but one in our mutual need,

one in our desire,

one in lust,

one in our giving of gifts.


Your beauty is a strange gift.

There is pain, an unholy ache, in loving you.

To look at your face and form,

to meet your gaze,

to graze

these lips against yours

is to unveil an unnameable agony.

I see all that I am and am not,

condemned within your light and by your love.

Oh, you are not human!

Or, if so, a perfection inhumane,

that a starved and ravaged soul as mine,

should be caught up in your orbit,


compelled by your gravity.

What effluence emanates from

your corporeal form?

What unworldly illumination pours from your face?

A glow, a luster, a purity of manner and mien

shimmering out from within,

casting an effulgence upon shadows,

breaking up darkness with piercing light,

destroying all obstacles to its path.

No, I could never see you as you truly are.

I could only hold you

so that my vision was blurred by

too close an embrace, until, finally,

I saw it was me - my love flowing outward

which made you too beautiful,

imbued you with too strong a light.

The pain flew, dissipated, dissolved.

Now, I love you purely and I love you

so much more.

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