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So here's my quotes page. If you have a cool quote, send it to me.

"It seems so frightening. Time passes by like lightening, before you know it you're struck down." -Green Day

"Life is unfair; kill yourself or get over it." -Black Box Recorder

"Life is like a bunch of ka ka. You have to learn how to eat it up." -Mr. Ka Ka pants

"Maybe life is like a ride on a freeway, dodging bullets while you're trying to find your way. Everyone's around, but no one does a damn thing." -The Offspring

"The world is a sick machine,,breeding a mass of shit." -Green Day

"Believe in the LORD and nothing will stop you to accomplish your dreams." -Leelee

"Life's an experience." -Alan Thorne

"Cant is just another word for dont want to." -AJ

"Do what you dreeeam to do." -me

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift from God that is why its called the present." -Crystal

"Those who think they know everything know nothing." -Alan

"The world is where there is no peace, everyone is free." -?

"God has faith in you; have faith in Him." -me

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