What was I thinking when I ended my world?
Why did I kill my chance of living a dream?
I denied myself a beautiful gift.
How can I ever ignore what I gave up?

He came in my life like an explosion of hope.
A dream so unheard of, he tossed me down some rope.
I ran to it psychotically, but I pulled it outa his hand.
Now my chances are over of ever making it back to the land.

A land of happiness.
A land full of hope.
I gave it all up
When I ended my world.

Well now I want it all back.
I wish I could go back in time.
But there's no going back.
Now I'm stuck in a new age of hate.

I wish I could see him one last time.
Make him understand I needed him.
But he'll always hate me now.
I'll never see him again.

This is the time of my death.