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US 195

US 195 Trunk

US 195 was part of the original US Highway system approved in 1926. US 195 originally started at Jct US 95 in Washington State a few miles north of Lewiston. From Jct US 95, US 195 headed north via Pullman and Colfax to Spokane, then NE via Newport to Sandpoint, Idaho, where US 195 ended at Jct US 95. In 1948, US 2 was extended west from Bonners Ferry, Idaho to Everett, Washington. Part of this extension followed US 195 from Sandpoint to Spokane. In 1969, Jct I-90 at Spokane became the northern terminus of US 195. Idaho built a new Lewiston Grade highway during the mid 1970s. This new 4 lane divided route was extended to the far side of a new US 95 US 195 junction in the late 1970s. As part of building this extension, US 95 was realigned so as to not enter Washington State. US 195 was extended SE about a half mile from the old US 95/195 Jct along former US 95 to the new junction just inside Idaho. The new junction is a half interchange with a ramp from SB US 195 to SB US 95 and a ramp from NB US 95 to NB US 195. US 195 in Washington State is now 93.37 miles long (year 2000).

US 195 Spur

Old US 95 heading NE from the old junction of US 195 and US 95 in Washington to present US 95 is now designated as Spur US 195. The US 95/Spur US 195 Jct is a grade level intersection. Spur US 195 in Washington is 0.54 miles(year 2000).

Business US 195

A US 195 bypass of Rosalia was completed in the late 1970s. Former US 195 through town is now signed as Business US 195.

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