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State Road No. 8 North Bank Highway

State Road No. 8 North bank Highway began at Jct. State Road No. 1 Pacific Highway in Vancouver and headed easterly along the north bank of the Columbia River via Stevenson and Bingen to central Klickitat County, then north-northeasterly via Goldendale, Satus Pass, and Toppenish, ending at Jct. State Road No. 3 Inland Empire Highway at Buena. In 1926, the east-west portion of the North Bank Highway became part of US 830 and the north south portion, including a spur to the ferry landing at Maryhill, became part of US 97.

In places existing county roads were used as the temporary alignment of State Road No. 8 until more direct alignments were opened to traffic in the early 1930s. For example, the North Bank Highway originally passed through Centerville on the way from Lyle to Goldendale. The highway from Goldendale to the Yakima Valley originally went through Brooklyn and Mabton until the Satus Pass Highway was opened to traffic.

In 1937, State Road No. 8 was redesignated in state law as Primary State Highway 8 Evergreen Highway.

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