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State Road No. 2 Sunset Highway


State Road No. 2 Sunset Highway began in Seattle at Jct State Road No. 1 Pacific Highway and headed in a southeasterly direction to Renton, then northeasterly to Issaquah. This route continued easterly to Preston, Fall City, North Bend, Snoqualmie Pass, and Cle Elum. At Teanaway, a short distance east of Cle Elum, the Sunset Highway turned left and headed northerly over Blewett Pass (now Old Blewett Pass) to the Wenatchee River Valley. At a point between Peshastin and Dryden, the highway turned right and headed easterly down the valley to Wenatchee. The Sunset Highway crossed the Columbia River between Wenatchee and East Wenatchee via a bridge built in 1908. From East Wenatchee, the highway headed northerly to Orondo, then easterly to Waterville, Coulee City, Wilbur, Davenport, and Spokane. State Roads 2 and 3 shared the same roadway for several blocks in the center of town. From Spokane, State road No. 2 the Sunset Highway headed east to the Idaho state line.

In 1926, State Road 2 became part of US 10. From Virden/Teanaway to Olds Station (near Wenatchee) US 10 and US 97 shared the same roadway.1937 legislation changed the designation of this highway from State Road No. 2 to Primary State Highway 2.

Bothell Branch

The 1925 legislature added the Bothell branch to State Road No. 2. This branch began in downtown Bothell and headed east to Woodinville, then south to Redmond, then southeasterly to Fall City, ending at a junction with the State Road No. 2 trunk. In 1937, the Bothell branch was redesignated in state law as the Bothell branch of Primary State Highway 2.

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