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Secondary State Highway 3R

SSH 3R was added to the state highway system in 1953. This route began at Jct SR 3 (US 410) at the Richland Wye. The Wye is located at the first interchange on today's SR 240 south of the Yakima River. From the Wye, SSH 3R headed northerly to the boundary of the Hanford Site.

In 1955, SSH 3R was extended westerly from Richland via West Richland, ending at Jct PSH 3 (then US 410, now I-82/US 12) at Kiona. This road had been part of PSH 3/US 410 before PSH 3/US 410 was routed more directly from the Wye to Kiona in the early 1930s.

That portion of SSH 3R from the Richland Wye into Richland became SR 240. The remainder from Richland to Kiona is now SR 224.

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