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State Route 908

When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in January 1964, the SR 908 designation was not used. In 1971, SR 901 from Jct SR 520 north to Downtown Kirkland, then east to Downtown Redmond was renumered SR 908. Effective April 1, 1992, the portion of SR 908 from Jct SR 520 via Downtown Kirkland to Jct I-405 east of Downtown Kirkland was dropped from the state highway system. Today SR 908 is 3.14 miles long.

Senate Bill 6555 and House Bill 2918, introduced to the legislature in 2010, would drop the remainder of SR 908 from the state highway system. As of February 21st, it appears that both bills will pass. The governor has not signed the bills yet, however.

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