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State Route 433

When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in January 1964, the highway that was to become SR 433 was posted as SR 833. SR 833 began at the Oregon-Washington state line on the Longview Bridge and ended at Jct SR 833 in Longview. In 1968, when US 830 west of I-5 was redesignated SR 4, SR 833 became SR 433 and SR 832 became SR 432. Effective April 1, 1992, SR 432 was moved closer to the Columbia River in the industrial area. The intersection of Oregon Way and Industrial Way became the new junction of SR 433 and SR 432. Oregon Way north of this intersection was dropped from SR 433. Today, SR 433 is 0.94 miles long.

The Longview Bridge, now officialy called the Lewis and Clark Bridge, was opened to traffic in 1930. At first this bridge was operated as a private toll bridge. At the time, it was the longest highway cantilever bridge in the US. The main span is 1200 feet long. During the Depression, toll collections were not enough to make interest payments on the bonds. Business picked up as WWII approached. After the war, the original timber approach spans needed repair. The bridge was sold to the state in 1947. One can notice that the bridge railing style on the north end is that used by the Washington State Department of Highways during the 1940s and 50s. The tolls were removed by the state in 1965. There is talk of building a new 4 lane cable stayed bridge at this site to replace the cantilever. A new bridge would probably be built as a toll bridge.

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