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State Route 302

SR 302 (trunk)

When first posted as such in January 1964, SR 302 started at Jct SR 3 at Allyn and headed east via Vaughn and Key Center to Jct SR 16 at Purdy, where SR 302 ended. In 1964, SR 16 passed thru the Purdy business district. Durring the mid 1970s, SR 16 was widened from two lanes to 4 lanes divided from the Gig Harbor area to the Port Orchard area. At Purdy, SR 16 was shifted to 4 new lanes bypassing the business district to the east. Half interchanges were built north and south of the business district connecting old SR 16 with the new alignment. SR 302 was extended south along old SR 16 to connect with SR 16.

Effective April 1, 1992, the western terminus of SR 302 was shifted to a point a couple of miles north of Allyn. SR 302 at the north end of the Key Peninsula was rerouted more directly E-W, no longer passing thru Vaughn and Key Center. Today, SR 302 is 16.87 miles long.

Before 1964, SR 302 had been part of SSH 14A.

SR 302 Spur

In the mid 1970s, the SR 16 bypass of Purdy was opened to traffic. The northern half of old SR 16 at Purdy became Spur SR 302. Spur SR 302 is 1.28 miles long.

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