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State Route 243

SR 243 begin at Jct SR 24 north of the Vernita Bridge and heads NW via Desert Aire then north via Beverly to Jct SR 26 about a mile south of I-90 Exit 137. SR 243 is 28.23 miles long.

Before 1964, SR 243 had been a branch of SSH 7C.

If I were the state highway numbering czar, I would renumber SR 243 and SR 240 as SR 15, routing SR 15 coincidental with SR 24 for a half dozen miles or so in the Vernita Bridge area. Traffic heading NW from the Tri-Cities on SR 240 has the right of way when approaching Jct SR 240. It is easbound SR 24 that has the stop sign at the intersection. After a realignment in the mid 1990s, southbound SR 243 was given the right of way at Jct SR 24. It is westbound SR 24 that has the stop sign at this intersection.

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