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State Route 200

The SR 200 designation was added to the state highway system in 1969 by the State Highway Commission after the US 195 designation from Spokane to Sandpoint Idaho was dropped. All of SR 200 in Washington State ran coincident with other highways, thus the SR 200 designation did not require legislative approval. SR 200 starts at the intersection of S Division and 3rd Ave in Spokane, at the time the Jct of US 10 with US 2/US 395. from this intersection, SR 200 heads north on Division and associated one way couple streets coincident with US 2 and US 395 to the North Division Y. At the Y, SR 200 and US 2 leave US 395 and head NNE to newport and the Washington-Idaho state line. The state Route 200 designation is also used by Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota to form a continuous route east towards Duluth.

I remember seeing SR 200 signs on US 2 between Spokane and Newport in the 1970s. On my last trip along US 2 from Spokane to Newport (September 2001) I did not see any SR 200 signs. As posted, the multistate SR 200's western terminus may now be Sandpoint, Idaho. I have searched but have not found any documents, however, indicating that the Washington State Transportation Commission has ever rescinded the SR 200 designation in Washington State. Some people have suggested that Washington SR 20 be redesignated as SR 200, creating an even longer multistate SR 200 route.

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