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State Route 174

SR 174 (trunk)

SR 174 starts at Jct SR 17 at Leahy and heads east to the Grand Coulee Dam area. After crossing SR 155 in the City of Grand Coulee, SR 174 heads SE to Jct SR 21 a fraction of a mile north of the US 2/SR 21 intersection. SR 174 ends at Jct SR 21. SR 174 is 40.66 miles long.

Before 1964, SR 174 had been part of SSH 10B.

SR 174 Spur

Spur SR 174, unsigned as a state highway, starts at Jct SR 174 on the NW side of the Grand Coulee Dam area and travels NE to the Crown Point viewpoint overlooking Grand Coulee Dam. Spur SR 174 is 1.37 miles long.

Before 1964, SR 174 Spur had also been part of SSH 10B.

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