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State Route 155

SR 155 (trunk)

SR 155 starts at Jct US 2 near Coulee City, heads in a NNE direction along the east side of Banks Lake to the Grand Coulee Dam area, and then heads north and NW via Disautel to Jct US 97 in the Omak area. Although one can drive across Grand Coulee Dam, SR itself does not cross the dam. SR 155 crosses the Columbia on a thru cantilever truss bridge a few thousand feet downstream from Grand Coulee Dam. This bridge was completed about the time that construction began on the dam in the mid 1930s. When the SR 155 designation was first posted in 1964, US 97 passed thru downtown Okanogan and Omak. A few years later, a US 97 expressway was completed bypassing Okanogan and Omak on the east side. SR 155 now ends at the US 97 expressway. SR 155 is 78.38 miles long.

Before 1964, SR 155 from Coulee City to Grand Coulee had been SSH 2F and from Grand Coulee to Omak, SSH 10A

SR 155 Spur

Spur SR 155 connects the SR 155 mainline near the US 97 Okanogan-Omak bypass with old US 97, now SR 215/Business US 97 in Downtown Omak. SR 155 Spur is 0.37 miles long.

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