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State Route 110

SR 110 (trunk) Earlier Route

Two different routes have been designated as SR 110 at different times. The earlier route designated as SR 110 was added as a state highway corridor in 1967 It started at Jct SR 11 in the Fairhaven District in southwest Bellingham and headed east to Jct I-5. SR 110 only existed on paper in 1967. A provision to the RCW was added in 1971 requiring SR 11 from Fairhaven north via downtown Bellingham to be dropped from the state highway system and for the SR 11 designation to replace the SR 110 designation upon completion of the route heading east from Fairhaven to I-5. This new road was completed in 1975 and the SR 110 designation fell into disuse until 1992.

SR 110 (trunk) Later Route

The route that is now SR 110 had been originally added to the state highway system in 1937 as Secondary State Highway (SSH) 9B. SSH 9B was dropped from the state highway system in the 1955. SR 110 was added back to the state highway system April 1, 1992. SR 110 starts at Jct US 101 just north of Forks and heads west 7.8 miles to Jct SR 110 Spur. From this junction SR 110 continues west towards La Push, ending at the Olympic National Park Boundary. SR 110 is 11.10 miles long. SR 110 is mileposted backwards, i.e., from east to west rather than from west to east.

SR 110 Spur

SR 110 Spur heads NW from SR 110 and crosses the Sol Duc River. A new concrete bridge recently replaced the old, narrow, steel thru truss across the Sol Duc. North of the river, SR 110 spur heads west towards Mora, ending at the National Park boundary. SR 110 Spur, like the trunk, is mileposted backwards. SR 110 Spur is 2.67 miles long.

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