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State Route 41

SR 41 has been part of the state highway system for a few decades but was renumbered in 1997. SR 41 starts at Jct US 2 in Newport and heads south along State Ave until the highway turns to the SE to become ID 41. State Ave stradles the Washington-Idaho state line. The west half is in Newport, WA and the east half in Oldtown, ID. Signed as ID 41 for several years, the Washington side of the highway was designated as SR 2. This led to confusion for people unfamiliar with the area. Approaching the state line eastbound, Washington US 2 continues east to become Idaho US 2. The State Highway Log stated that SR 2, the DOT's internal designation of US 2, turned right and headed south on State Ave until the road curved into Idaho. Officially renumbering the State Ave portion of SR 2 as SR 41 cleared up the confusion. The number 41, besides matching the Idaho number, does fit the general numbering pattern of Washington state highways, i.e., odd numbers running N-S and higher N-S numbers in Eastern Washington. SR 41 is mileposted backwards though, with MP 0 at Jct US 2 and increasing southbound. SR 41 is only 0.41 miles long, however, thus not needing a milepost sign.

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