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Primary State Highway 21-Kitsap Peninsula Highway

PSH 21 (trunk)

PSH 21 originally started at Kingston and headed west to Port Gamble, then south via Poulsbo and Bremerton to Jct PSH 14 at Gorst. In 1955, the Gorst to PSH 9 (US 101) portion of PSH 14 via Belfair and Union was transfered to PSH 21. Since 1964, the Kingston to Hood Canal Bridge (near Port Gamble) portion of PSH 21 has been signed as SR 104; from SR 104 to Belfair, SR 3; from SR 3 to US 101, SR 106.

PSH 21 (unnamed branch)

An unnamed branch of PSH 21 was added in 1961. This branch headed east from the PSH 21 trunk in Bremerton to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal. This route may have been part of SSH 21B before 1961. Since 1964, this route has been signed as SR 304.

PSH 21 (unnamed branch)

An unnamed branch of PSH 21 from Keyport west to the PSH 21 trunk has been part of the state highway system since at least 1937. This route was signed as part of SR 303 from 1964 to 1971 and has been signed as SR 308 since.

PSH 21 (unnamed branch)

Before the Hood Canal Bridge was opened to traffic in the early 1960s, Hood Canal was crossed by a ferry. Earlier ferry service ran from Port Gamble, a mile or so east of the east end of the Hood Canal Bridge, to Shine, near the west end of the bridge. Later ferry service ran from Lofall to South Point. In 1949, a branch of PSH 21 was added to link PSH 21 trunk with the Lofall ferry terminal. After the Hood Canal Floating Bridge was completed, the PSH 21 branch to Lofall was dropped from the state highway system.

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