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Primary State Highway 18

PSH 18 (Trunk)

PSH 18 began at Jct PSH 7 near Burke or George and headed east via Neppel (Moses Lake) to Jct PSH 11 at Ritzville. In 1940 PSH 18 became signed as US 10. The I-90 designation was added during the 1960s as sections of PSH 18 were upgraded to freeway. The US 10 designation was dropped in 1970.

PSH 18 (unnamed branch)

A branch of PSH 18 was added to the state highway system in 1943. This branch began at Ritzville and headed east to Jct SSH 11C about five miles west of Ewan, then continued via St. John to Jct PSH 3 at Steptoe. Before 1943, the section of this PSH 18 branch from Jct SSH 11C to Steptoe had been part of SSH 11C.

The section from Ritzville to Jct SSH 11C has never been maintained as a state highway. In fact, as of 2001, most of this route has never been built. There are county roads along the ramainder of this route, though. When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in January 1964, this route was assigned the number SR 230. The 230 number remains unposted and only appears on selected WSDOT maps and in some WSDOT documents. The remainder of this branch of PSH 18 is now part of SR 23

PSH 18 (unnamed branch)

Another branch of PSH 18 was added in 1953. This branch was created by redesignating the section of SSH 11C that ran from Jct PSH 11 at Sprague to the Ewan area as a part of PSH 18. Although the legislation adding this route to PSH 18 was passed in 1953, for some reason the legislation deleting this section from SSH 11C did not become law until 1961. Today, this PSH 18 branch is part of SR 23.

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