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Primary State Highway 16

Methow Valley Highway-North Cascades Highway

PSH 16 (Trunk)

PSH 16 was originally named the Methow Valley Highway and not numbered after most other state highways had been numbered. The PSH 16 designation was assigned in 1937. PSH 16 started in Pateros at Jct PSH 10 and headed up the valley via Twisp, Winthrop, Mazama, and Harts Pass to Baron. In 1949, the Mazama to Baron portion of PSH 16 was dropped from the state highway system. In 1961, PSH 16 was extended west along what had been PSH 17 from Mazama to Marblemount, SSH 17A from Marblemount to Sedro-Woolley, and SSH 1F from Sedro-Woolley to Jct PSH 1 AN at Fredonia. Today, PSH 16 is SR 153 from Pateros to the vicinity of Twisp, and SR 20 from Jct SR 153 to Fredonia.

PSH 16 (unnamed branch)

In 1949, an unnamed branch to PSH 16 was added from the Twisp area via Loup Loup Summit to Jct PSH 10 at Okanogan. This branch is now part of SR 20.

PSH 16 (unnamed branch)

In 1959, an unnamed branch of PSH 16 was added to the state highway system starting a few miles SW of Okanogan at a junction with the Twisp-Okanogan branch of PSH 16 and heading in a southerly direction via Malott to Jct PSH 10 across the Okanogan River from Malott. The provisions of the legislation creating this bill stated that this route would not become a state highway until construction of a new facility was completed and that the state would not maintain the existing route in the meantime. In 1964, this highway was redesignated as a branch of SR 20 but not posted as such. In 1973 the route was redesignated as SR 213 but remained unsigned. A new facility has not yet been built as of 2001. Thus, this route only exists as a state highway on paper.

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