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Primary State Highway 14-Navy Yard Highway

PSH 14 (Trunk)

In 1937 PSH 14 began at Jct PSH 9 a few miles south of Hoodsport and headed east via Union and Belfair to Jct PSH 21 at Gorst. From Gorst, PSH 14 headed east to Port Orchard and south to Gig Harbor. In 1939, the PSH 14 designation was extended across the then under construction Tacoma Narrows Bridge to the east end of the bridge. In 1949, when the second bridge was under construction, the SE terminus of PSH 14 was moved back to Gig Harbor. In 1955, The PSH 9 to Gorst portion of PSH 14 was transferred to PSH 21. The portion of PSH 14 trunk from Port Orchard to Gig Harbor became PSH 14 PT. PSH 14 was extended east from Port Orchard to the ferry landing at Harper. This ferry landing was replaced by the present Southworth ferry landing in 1957.

Today, PSH 21 from PSH 9 to Belfair is SR 106, from Belfair to Gorst, SR 3. PSH 14 from PSH 21 to the present junction of SR 16 and SR 166 is now SR 16. In 1964, the remainder of PSH 14 trunk was signed as SR 160. In 1992, the route of SR 160 from SR 16 to Southworth was moved from former PSH 14 via Downtown Port Orchard to Sedgewick Rd. The former route of SR 160, originally PSH 14, was dropped from the state highway system. In 1994, former SR 160 from SR 16 to Downtown Port Orchard was added back to the state highway system as SR 166.

PSH 14 PT (Port Orchard-Tacoma Branch)

In 1955, PSH 14 trunk from Port Orchard to Gig Harbor was redesignated as PSH 14 PT. At that time, PSH 14 PT was extended via the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to Jct PSH 1 in Tacoma. Today, PSH 14 PT is SR 16.

PSH 14 (unnamed branch)

From 1937 to 1955, an unnamed branch of PSH 14 began at Jct PSH 14 trunk in Port Orchard and headed east to Harper. This branch became part of PSH 14 trunk in 1955.

PSH 14 (unnamed branch)

A branch of PSH 14 ran from PSH 14 near Colby to Manchester. There had been a ferry landing at Manchester until the late 1930s or 40s. This branch was dropped from the state highway system in 1955 or 1957.

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